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The following Bathmate review offers more information about this penis enlargement device, known as a hydropump, which uses water pressure to increase a man’s size. This is accomplished by using a hollow cylindrical chamber that contains water instead of air and into which your manhood is inserted.

Once your member is inside with enough water to fill the cylinder completely, press the unit’s base firmly against your body. Then, holding and then pulling the unit towards you will cause water to be released from pressure valve located at the top. This action lowers the pressure within the cylinder which, in turn, causes the expansion of penile tissues.

Using a water medium rather than air not only improves comfort but it also eliminates most of safety issues that are associated with air pumps. When used as instructed while allowing yourself enough time to get accustomed to more intense training levels, it’s 100% safe.

How To Use Bathmate Video

It’s simple to use but viewing the video makes it even easier by explaining the procedure in an step-by-step method. The official site also contains more videos and easy to follow graphics to provide you with additional help should you need it. Most men find that working out with a hydropump is pleasurable which only gives them more incentive to use it regularly.

Bathmate Results

What sets hydropumps apart from other male enlargement devices available is how fast they work. Those familiar with lifting weights have experienced a condition known as the “pump”, referring to the temporary gain in muscle size that occurs when increased blood flow engorges a particular muscle group. You will experience this sensation the very first time you use the Bathmate.

Bathmate Before and After

An interesting side benefit of this condition is that you can use it to your sexual advantage since it lasts up to 3 hours. Your temporary growth will fall anywhere within a range of 1/4 – 3/4 inches more length and 1/2 – 1 1/4 inches in additional girth. Instant results of this magnitude and duration can’t be obtained with other devices which is a big reason behind its growing popularity.

In essence, you’re giving your penis a workout and it will react exactly like any other muscle you exercise. When training you are aware the pumped state is temporary but also understand that consistent effort over time will lead those size gains to become permanent. Similarly, when using the Bathmate in a diligent manner you can expect permanent gains of up to 3 inches in length over an extended period.

That being said, its design addresses every aspect of size, not just length. Certain devices like extenders only focus on length but the Bathmate is complete solution since it also improves girth and penis head size. This is an important consideration if you take into account the result of surveys in which women express a preference for thickness rather than length.

Does Bathmate Work?

Also, since normal sessions last only about 15 minutes, you will get a better return on the time you invest when compared to extenders which, apart from being less comfortable, also require up to 12 hours of use per day. Making the situation even more difficult to manage is the fact that rigid extenders are visible under clothing which limits where they can be worn.

We should clarify that even though extenders have their drawbacks, they are proven to be the most effective when trying to add length. Though discomfort is a common problem some of the better ones, like the Sizegenetics, are much better in that respect. However, by far our highest recommendation goes to the Phallosan Forte which is not only the most comfortable by far but also has the great advantage of allowing users to wear it while they sleep.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Series

As of now, 3 different product series have evolved from the integration of new ideas derived from ongoing research and user suggestions.

Bathmate Hercules – Bathmate Goliath

This series may be the oldest yet remains a popular choice for those who want a quality pump that is more affordable. Though this basic version lacks some of the most advanced features that came later, it remains a top selling product.

Hydromax X20 – Hydromax X30 – Hydromax X40

The second generation series known as the Hydromax incorporates many new features compared to the original. A more effective water control valve, a thicker and smoother comfort pad, 35% more vacuum power to accelerate gains, and a cylinder that rotates freely (to better view the graduated scale), are the major upgrades users will find most appealing.

Hydromax Xtreme X30 – Hydromax Xtreme X40

Though very similar to regular Hydromax pumps, the most significant change is the the addition of a squeeze bulb to control pressure. It offers users a greater degree of precision when adjusting the level of vacuum within the cylinder. Xtreme models are the best available and intended for individuals looking for maximum gains in the shortest time.

Bathmate versus Penomet

Though the Penomet hydropump is relatively new when compared to the Bathmate, its popularity is on the rise. An important advantage of the Penomet is not having to worry about choosing the right one since it comes in just one size. However, that could also be seen as a disadvantage since hydropumps lose some of their effectiveness when the cylinder is proportionally too large relative to penis size. Since the Bathmate offers 3 different sizes, you’re more likely to find one that meets your needs and gives you better results. That being said, by wisely choosing a size that is already large enough to accommodate any future growth, you’ll most likely never need to upgrade.

Another major difference between these hydropumps is the ability to change “gaitors” on the Penomet. The gaitor merely refers to the comfort ring that is attached to the lower end of the cylinder and pressed against the body when the pump is in use. Each gaitor has a different level of tension which can be identified by its color. The reasoning behind offering multiple gaitors is that doing so gives users the ability to modify the intensity of their workouts. Anyone familiar with lifting weights recognizes that being able to alter the pump’s internal pressure is similar to raising or lowering your weights between sets at the gym. The manufacturer of the Penomet claims varying the pressure during a workout gives users better results.

That may be the case, but then it may not be necessary to use multiple gaitors to accomplish the same goal. The Bathmate has only one gaitor but that doesn’t prevent a user from quickly increasing suction intensity by pumping more water out or depressing the valve to decrease it. All models have this attribute though doing so is easier with the XX30 and XX40 from the Xtreme series since they use a squeeze bulb that allows users to more control pressure with greater precision. You have to consider that constantly removing and reattaching the various gaitors can quickly become irritating during the course of a workout, especially when the same result can be achieve by merely squeezing the bulb a few times to increase suction or depressing the valve to decrease it.

Bathmate Hydromax X30 versus Penomet Test

They are both offered in different packages that vary in price depending the type of accessories that are included. The bottom line is that both aren’t cheap so besides evaluating how effective such a device is to enlarge your penis, you should also consider its durability. Both units are well designed but the Penomet even has quality certifications obtained from these independent organizations (ISO, SGS and CE Marking). This doesn’t mean it’s better because Bathmate pumps just haven’t been tested by these organizations yet. That being said, tests performed on both the Penomet and Hydromax X30 pumps decisively concluded the latter to be the winner. By viewing the following video it’s easy to see that the Penomet, even when using its strongest gaitors, never comes close to matching the Hydromax X30’s pressure levels. The Hydromax is the hands down winner.

Bathmate Testimonials

These hydropumps are currently the best-selling penis enhancement devices in the world and their popularity is easy to explain: they simply work. Testimonials from satisfied users are continually sent in and a limited sample is found below.

Bathmate Testimonies


When evaluating which Bathmate model is better suited to your needs, remember to make an allowance for future gains. When you realize that neither the Hercules or X30 models can accommodate a penis that exceeds 1.87 inches in diameter, selecting either of those pumps would not be wise since this would leave you with only 0.17 inches for additional growth. In the previous example, the Hydromax X40 or Goliath models would be better choices.

The manufacturer also realized that selecting the correct pump might prove challenging for some customers and so devised an easier method. They designed a simple interface which tells customers what model to choose after they provide some basic information. It’s entirely mistake-proof since all it requires from the user is to enter a few basic measurements which will then be used to calculate the optimal recommendation.

Customer surveys show an approval rating in excess of 95%, much higher than the level of satisfaction achieved by other male enlargement devices. Also, standing behind their product with great confidence, the manufacturer offers a full 60 day no questions asked return policy and 12 month warranty which makes trying it virtually risk free. If you’ve concluded that the many benefits offered by this product are what you’re looking for, click on the button below to access the official Bathmate website.