Bathmate Review and Results

Bathmate Official Site

The Bathmate is a male enhancement device classified as a hydro pump, which means it uses a combination of water and vacuum pressure to increase penis size. It does this through the use of a hollow cylinder in which the male member is placed with water filling the empty space instead of air.

Once the cylinder is filled with water and your manhood inserted, you press the base of the cylinder firmly against your pelvis. Then, every time you pull the cylinder towards you, some of the water inside is ejected from the valve situated at the tip. Doing this decreases the internal pressure which in turn causes the tissues of your penis to expand.

The fact that water is used instead of air makes it more comfortable and at the same time eliminates the safety concerns typically associated with traditional air based pumps. If used according to instructions while giving yourself sufficient time to adapt to more aggressive levels of training, it is completely safe.

How To Use The Bathmate Video

Using this hydropump couldn’t be easier and watching the video on this page will give you a quick visual explanation of how to proceed. The official website also has additional video and step by step graphics that guide you through this simple process. Some men even find the experience enjoyable which is a great motivating factor to using it on a regular basis.

Bathmate Results

What differentiates this hydropump from any other male enhancement devices on the market is how quickly it works. Anyone who has ever lifted weights has felt was is commonly known as a “pump”, which refers to a temporary enlargement of muscles as they become engorged with blood, will soon recognize that feeling after their first session with the Bathmate.

Bathmate Before and After

The good news is that this pumped state remains for up to 3 hours which gives you ample time to use it to your advantage sexually. The gains range anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 inches in length while girth will increase anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches. The immediacy and duration of size gains is something no other device offers and the reason why it has become so popular.

In effect, you are training your penis and it will react in the same way as any other muscles you train at the gym. When working out you understand that even though the pump is a temporary state, consistent training will eventually lead to permanent size gains. The same can be said about the Bathmate which, through diligent use, will eventually lead to permanent gains that can range from 1 to 3 inches over time.

Does Bathmate Work?

It should be noted that it’s designed to improve all aspects of penile growth. Whereas some devices like penis stretchers only emphasize length, the Bathmate also increases girth and the size of the penis head. This is a great benefit when considering that most surveys indicate most women have a preference for penises that are thicker instead of longer.

Furthermore, the 15 minute workout sessions are short and offer a better reward for time invested than devices such as penis extenders which are not only uncomfortable but also need to be worn up to 12 hours a day. To make matters worse extenders are difficult to conceal under clothes which is a problem for most men who have to go to work.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Models

Over the years, 3 different series of products has evolved from continued research and the integration of improvements suggested by users.

Bathmate Hercules + Bathmate Goliath

The oldest series yet still a popular choice among those looking for results at a lower price. Though they may lack the bells and whistles of later models, they’re still very popular and continue to be a best seller.

Hercules Goliath

Hydromax X20 + Hydromax X30 + Hydromax X40

This second generation Hydromax series takes a big step forward in making the original line better. A 35% increase in suction power for faster gains, combined with an improved valve mechanism, a superior comfort pad, and a freely rotating chamber (for better viewing of the measuring scale) are the most noticeable upgrades.

Hydromax X30 X40

Hydromax Xtreme X30 + Hydromax Xtreme X40

Though very similar to the previous Hydromax line, the inclusion of a hand held squeeze pump to control pressure is the biggest difference. It gives the user more precise control when trying to attain and maintain optimal pressure inside the cylinder. The Xtreme series are the most advanced models for those who want maximum gains faster.

Hydromax Xtreme

Bathmate versus Penomet

The Penomet hydro pump hasn’t been around for as long though it is slowly gaining in popularity. One of the main advantages the Penomet has is that it is offered in just one size so you don’t have to worry about getting the right one. That being said, that can also be a disadvantage because hydro pumps are known to become less effective when the size of the penis is too small relative to the size of the cylinder.

In that regards the Bathmate allows for a better “fit” that is more likely to help you get the most out of your sessions. Furthermore, if you choose wisely it’s unlikely you’ll have to worry about having to upgrade to a larger unit.

Another difference between the 2 pumps is that the Penomet comes with interchangeable “gaitors” which are simply the rubberized portion that attaches to the bottom of the cylinder and is pressed against your pelvis when in use. These gaitors come with different rigidities that are color-coded for easier identification.


The intent in having multiple gaitors is to be able to create different pressure levels within the cylinder and in that way have a more varied workout. For anyone who has done any weight training, the concept is very similar to increasing or decreasing the amount of weight you’re using during sets. The makers of Penomet claim that the ability to modify vacuum pressure during a session leads to faster results.

This may be true but it’s debatable that you really need to have interchangeable gaitors to get the same effect. The Bathmate gaitor only has one tension level but on the other hand nothing stops the user from pumping out more water to increase the inner pressure at any time. This can be done with any of their models but is even easier when using the XX30 or XX40 that come with a hand bulb that makes it quick and simple to make the slightest changes in pressure.

One has to consider that it may become tiresome for some to be continually changing gaitors during the course of a session, especially if they can achieve the same effect by simply releasing some air through the valve (to decrease pressure) or pumping a few times or squeezing a hand bulb (to increase it).

Bathmate Hydromax X30 vs Penomet Pressure Test

Both come at different price points depending on the model and the accessories you choose to go along with it. In the end, neither is cheap to buy so you not only want to receive a product that performs well to increase your penis size but also one that will last. Both devices are well made with the Penomet even having some independent quality certifications (CE Marking, SGS and ISO Certificates) to boot.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better because Bathmate products simply haven’t yet been evaluated by those organizations. However, some experiments were conducted to compare the Penomet to the Hydromax X30 model with the latter winning hands down. As you will see by watching the video below the Penomet, when used with any of its gaitors, never came close to matching the vacuum pressure generated by the Hydromax X30. The clear winner is the Hydromax.

Bathmate versus Sizegenetics

As far as penis augmentation devices go, hydropumps and extenders are the most trusted options with the Sizegenetics and Bathmate widely recognized as being tops in their categories. One only has to look at the number of online searches done for these product to products to realize how popular these male enlargement products are. It isn’t hard to decipher the reason why men like them: they deliver results.

The biological principle known as Cytokinesis, which refers to process of creating more tissue by applying continual pulling tension to a body part, is the cornerstone of what makes both of these products effective. Either one will induce gains, but because a hydro pump expands tissues evenly in all directions, it succeeds at enhancing all measurements though its main strength is adding girth. The counter to this is that the Sizegenetics, due to stretching in only one direction, is known for delivering better length gains than it does girth.

sizegenetics extender

The one you should choose really depends on the particular measurement you want to focus on. Most guys with a penis that is proportionally average aren’t looking to emphasize one dimension over an other and just want to be bigger. For them, there really isn’t a choice that is better than the other. However, others may already have the girth they desire but feel like they need more length. In such cases Sizegenetics should be the top contender. For the opposite problem, those with sufficient length but a penis that’s on the narrow side, a Bathmate pump is the ideal pick.

Optimally, an ongoing regimen that would use both would definitely produce the fastest results while maximizing your overall growth potential. This is the most logical approach but one has to keep in mind the cost in time and money. Though it’s wise to spend a little more for a quality product, you also don’t want to break the bank. That being said, the biggest factor that will determine your degree of success is the time you invest. When you start out, getting excited about the prospect of having a bigger penis isn’t difficult, but the key is to maintain that dedication over many months.

That’s one area where the use of a hydropump offers you a net advantage over conventional penis extenders. Whereas Bathmate workouts can be performed in the shower and only take 15 minutes of your time, 5 times per week, a Sizegenetics extender needs to be worn no less than 8 hours per day on an almost daily basis. It’s hard not to notice the huge discrepancy in the amount of time each one requires you to invest. To make matters worse the vast majority of extenders (with the Phallosan being an exception) are uncomfortable, an important factor considering the prolonged time of use they require.

sizegenetics system

If you want to focus on augmenting the girth of your penis, the best recommendation is to choose a Bathmate pump since they excel at maximizing this measurement and require less of your time. However, when adding length is your main objective, penis extenders are the most effective solution though it would be wise to avoid the older designs that are uncomfortable, can’t be worn during night time, and difficult to conceal under clothing.

If the benefits offered by extenders are more suitable to your objectives choosing one like the Phallosan Forte, whose unique design solves most of the issues associated with conventional models, is the way to go. Besides providing a far superior level of comfort, the added advantages of being able to wear it discreetly under clothing and at night makes it easier to reach your daily usage requirements.

Bathmate Testimonials

Bathmate pumps have now become the most popular penis enlargement devices worldwide and the reason for this popularity is simple: they work. Below is a small sample of some of the many testimonies sent in from actual users.

Almost a year ago I decided to buy a Bathmate X40 and it has exceeded my expectations. I would have waited for the Xtreme X40 had I known they were about to be put on the market but I’m still pleased. It isn’t difficult to use and I can say that, so far, it’s lived up to its claims. Though you can get by without it while taking a bath, the shower strap accessory is a must if you use it while showering. When it’s filled with water, the weight of the cylinder will pull down and break the vacuum seal between the pump’s base and your body without this type of support. I’m so stoked about my gains girth and length that I find no reason to regret buying it in the first place. Some of my growth has become permanent and quite evident whether I’m erect or flaccid. My level of hardness also seems better compared to what it used to be.   Stanley, Canada

As a gift I purchased a Bathmate for my boyfriend and he’s been training with it for about 4 months. Not only has he added a 1/2 inch, but he now has better staying power and improved self-confidence. Can’t say he’s was enthusiastic when I first gave it to him, but the results were so amazing he did a complete 180. He’s now completely dedicated to using it regularly and I’m convinced anyone who does won’t be disappointed.   Chrissy, USA

I was only about 5.6 inches long when I started working out with a Hydromax. I usually train 5 days a week and my sessions typically lasts around 25 minutes. By being consistent and giving it my best effort I’ve made it all the way to 6.8 inches and reached my pump’s width limit. I couldn’t feel any more confident than I do now and no longer embarrassed when I’m naked. Can’t say if those are typical results, but I’m already at 7.4 inches in just 10 months. Amazing! James, England

In just 3 months using my Bathmate, I’ve added a full inch in length and just as much girth. Of course it took some getting used to, but the learning curve was short and definitely worth it. I was able to make the gains I was looking for with the added benefit of greater stamina and better sex overall. It’s a decision I’ll never regret! Steve, USA

I had been using a Penomet before buying a Hydromax X40 which I now prefer. It’s superior in quality and it offer more power that is easier to sustain. I personally think no other penis pump comes close to performing as well as this one. Within the span of just a couple of weeks I had already made some impressive gains. Especially if you’re a newbie with no pump experience, you’ll love this one. It’s fun to use and I didn’t even have to look at the instructions to understand how it worked. If I can get results as a 40 year old, my guess is it’ll work for guys of all ages.   Charles, New Zealand


When deciding which Bathmate to choose, allow enough room for expansion and future growth. Taking into account that both the Hercules or Hydromax X30 models won’t allow penis diameters exceeding 1.87 inches, it would be unwise to select either if you are already at 1.7 inches since only 0.17 inches would remain for future growth. The Goliath or Hydromax X40 models would be more logical choices in this example.

Fortunately, the manufacturer realized that choosing the correct hydro pump size was a problem for many customers and so came up with an easy solution. They created a simple tool that can be accessed through their site which tells customers exactly what model is ideal for them. It’s completely foolproof since all you have to do is enter a few vital measurements that will be used to generate the perfect recommendation of which one to select.