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This Crazy Mass review explores the benefits of using legal steroids for better performance. The real reason why so many high level athletes are taking or have been rumored to take steroids is very simple: they work. The quest of any true athlete is to reach his or her full potential and taking performance enhancing drugs, like steroids, allows them to do just that. Unfortunately, the major problem is that they tend to come with important side effects that can jeopardize your health.

After intense research, Crazy Mass has solved this problem by creating a highly effective line of steroids that are legal and can duplicate the positive characteristics of popular anabolic agents while having none of the negative side effects. Every item in this hardcore line of pharmaceutical grade supplements can help you maximize certain objectives such as building more lean muscle mass, improving your stamina, and cutting up or bulking up, but without the need for a prescription.

Below is a brief description of each item found in the Crazy Mass Elite Series product line, the better known steroid brand it emulates, and a brief description of the results you can expect from using it.

Crazy Mass Supplements


For Muscle and Strength. If gaining muscle is difficult, D-Anaoxn is your solution. This oral supplement allows you to make superior gains in power and size while boosting your confidence. As one of the most potent formulas available, it has become a best seller and staff favorite. D-Anaoxn is an effective alternative to the drug-based steroid Dianabol (D-Bal or D-Bol). It has been referred to as the steroid King due to its ability to effectively create an Anabolic environment that retains more Nitrogen within muscle tissues which promotes better protein synthesis for quick gains in size and strength.


In either men or women, Paravar gives gives you a leaner cut look without losing muscle mass. Its anabolic characteristics promote greater strength and it’s especially effective when combined with T-Bal75. It is meant to replicate the effect of the steroid drug Anavar. Ideal for burning off fat while maintaining lean muscle. Anavar is design to help you get cut.


Is especially powerful when stacked though it still remains effective as a standalone supplement. This Crazy Mass formula helps to promote red blood cell creation while delaying fatigue. This increases the body’s ability to carry oxygen through the body for stronger pumps and increased mass. It mimics the effect of the anabolic Anadrol (Oxymethalone) while having no comparable side effects. Users have reported gains of between 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle after their initial cycle.

T-Bal 75

Is a superior formula designed for quick results that is universally regarded as the most powerful anabolic product. T-bal75 is the legal formula that helps to make you hard and cut as you get stronger. Its impact is doubled when combined with D-Anaoxn.

This superior grade anabolic supplement promotes the release of testosterone while enhancing the retention of Nitrogen to help build muscle. Additionally, T-Bal75 also helps to burn fat while maintaining lean mass. T-Bal75 also helps athletes to bulk up. Users report gains of as much as 10 to 15 pounds within a 30 days period, an anabolic effect that is 4x better than testosterone.


A powerful formula speeds up your metabolism and helps you to safely eliminate unwanted fat and keeping it off. It acts quickly and is the most effective alternative to Clenbuterol that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

Clenbuterol has the reputation for being popular amongst famous athletes and celebrities. Clentrimix has the versatility to be effective for both cutting and bulking cycles while helping you get quick results. Clenbuterol has thermogenic properties that burn off fat while helping to retaining lean mass and facilitating the transportation of oxygen that allows for higher intensity workouts.


Thinking of the beach? Winnidrol can help you get into the shape that will make you the envy of others. It helps you burn off fat for better definition and enhanced muscle density. The results are a definite confidence booster.

Winnidrol raises your body’s metabolism so it burns fat more quickly while enhancing most aspects of athletic performance. Winnidrol tabs are the legal alternative to the popular drug Winstrol.


Testosterone is known as the granddaddy of anabolic supplements and a bodybuilding favorite. TestosteroXN will help to unleash your full potential in you’re looking to gain strength while packing on lean mass. It also raises your energy levels and speeds up your recuperation.

It’s a testosterone booster that is completely natural and includes Tribulus Terrestris extract. Crazy Mass designed this supplement to boost the body’s own ability to produce more testosterone without any detrimental side effects. Testosteroxn has properties that are both androgenic and anabolic, increasing the synthesis of proteins for gains in strength, reducing body fat, and enhancing the male libido.


Has the main purpose of inducing incredible gains in strength. It allows you to easily move past plateaus and onto greater strength levels. This high level formula will improve your body and your workouts. It offers even better gains when stacked with Testosteroxn and D-Anaoxn.

Decadrolone is a steroid alternative that mimics effect of Nandrolone Decanoate, sometimes referred to as the “King of Strength” due to its potent anabolic properties. Users have reported rapid gains in strength after just a week while studies show that it can help you pack on up to 20 pounds within a month. Besides increasing strength, Deckadrolone also has the ability to accelerate healing. It alleviates joint pain that comes from heavy training by enhancing the synthesis of collagen.


If you’re seeking a competitive edge, look towards HGH. Ingested orally, it helps you surpass previous plateaus in strength and size while aiding recovery. HGH’s potent IGF-1 formula promotes accelerated gains in muscle mass and power. Besides the direct benefits to better athletic performance, it also improves the quality of your skin while enhancing brain function and boosting your immune system.

Any serious athlete or bodybuilding should consider taking HGH for improved performance. Another best selling product popular with the staff, HGH is the perfect anabolic compliment to help you bulk and cut up. It offers a powerful blend that replicates the effects of a steroid known as Somatropin. This peptide hormone maintains an active Anabolic muscle building environment that promotes growth and cell creation.

NitricBooster Max

Studies have repeatedly shown that Crazy Mass’ NitricBooster Max surpasses all other Nitric Oxide supplements on the market by a wide margin. Besides being more effective and offering quicker results when compared to other supplements, it costs around 20% than competing products such as Muscle Tech or MRI.

This nitric booster is completely legal and can be purchased without a prescription in America. It’s proprietary formula incorporates the latest scientific breakthroughs in supplement research that aims to naturally raise oxygen levels in the bloodstream for superior gains in strength and athletic performance.

Power Hour Max

Apart from being more effective and delivering quicker results, Power Hour-Max is 20 to 40% less expensive than most other supplements of its type that have an average cost 2 to $3 a pill. This male enhancement product is also legal in the US and doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. Its formula is the most advanced of its kind and designed to naturally boost testosterone levels which enhances your sex drive and allows you to last longer.

Whether you’re married or dating, Power Hour-MAX will make your sex life better. Even if you’re celibate at the moment and merely want to maintain higher testosterone levels to be ready at any time, this supplement is for you. It will improve your self-confidence in bed while also increasing strength and stamina.

Crazy Mass Stacks

Each of the products listed above will work on its own for its intended purpose. However, when some of them are taken together in the right combination, the overall effect is multiplied and gives superior results than taking any of these supplements on their own.

This concept is known as STACKING and the people at Crazy Mass have come up with their own stacks, or combos as they’re also known, to take the guesswork out of choosing the proper combinations. They’ve come up with 5 different stacks with each one having the purpose of improving a particular aspect of your training. Below is a list of the stacks available and what they can do for you.

Cutting Stack

Whether you plan on entering a competition or simply want to remove your shirt without being embarrassed, this Crazy Mass stack will deliver. If your main goal is to trim away excessive body fat and reveal a more defined appearance, this collection of products will offer you optimal results. This stack was created to assist in losing body fat while preserving lean muscle, improving strength, and raising energy levels for more effective workouts. Its a popular stack and especially effective when taken after Strength or Bulking cycles. Warning: Lean muscle gains and fat loss are significant when using this stack with proper exercise and diet programs.

Ultimate combination of 4 products that focus on cutting up for one price. This is a 4 bottle stack. 1 Paravar, 1 Clentrimix, 1 Winnidrol, and 1 Testosteroxn.

Bulking Stack

Are you tired of being skinny and find it difficult to add size? If you would like to compound the effect of the best bulking supplements available, this stack is for you. This group of products was specifically combined to maximize muscle gains. This BULKING stack allows you to add muscle and improve your strength while decreasing your overall recovery time. WARNING: 20 to 30 pound mass gains over an 8 week cycle are common with proper exercise and diet.

It combines the 4 best mass and bulking products together at a lower price. This is a 4 bottle stack. 1 D-Anaoxn, 1 T-Bal 75, 1 Deckadrolone, and 1 Testosteroxn.

Strength Stack

Tired of hitting plateaus? Are you looking to add up to 40 pounds to your bench press? Then you need to combine the power of the most potent products focusing on strength. It’s the best selling stack that will have you making tremendous gains with proper exercise and diet. These Four products from Crazy Mass were specifically combined to boost testosterone levels, improve the synthesis of proteins, raise nitrogen retention and assist in maintaining high levels of energy. WARNING: Gains in strength that range from 20 to 40% within the course of an 8 week cycle are possible with a proper exercise and dieting.

A Superior combo of 4 products that maximize gains in Strength, Muscle Mass and Stamina. This is a 4 bottle stack. 1 Decadrolone, 1 D-Anaoxn, 1 Anadrolone, and 1 Testosteroxn.

Endurance & Stamina Stack

When you’re involved in athletic activities you often reach performance plateaus you want to surpass. Whether it’s cutting your 40 meter dash by a few tenths of a second or improving your vertical jump by 3 inches, this stacks combines the ideal Crazy Mass products to make those goals a reality. Cardiovascular performance is increased while promoting additional gains in speed, power and muscular definition. An ideal Stack for those wanting to maximize overall performance. Warning: Endurance and Speed are dramatically enhanced when this stack is combined with a solid exercise and diet plan.

Ideal 4 product stack for superior energy, stamina and endurance. This is a 4 bottle stack. 1 Decadrolone, 1 Testosteroxn, 1 Anadrolone, and 1 Winnidrol.

Crazy Stack

This is not a 4 but a 6 product stack that combines all of the best selling items. It really covers all the bases and will help you in all aspects of training. Crazy Stack helps you get the most out of your efforts for maximum results. Warning: Adding 20 to 30 pounds of mass are not uncommon within an 8 week cycle that is complimented with proper nutrition and exercise.

This ULTIMATE muscle building and bulking stack combines 6 superior products. This is a 6 bottle stack. 1 Anadrolone, 1 Testosteroxn, 1 Clentrimix, 1 Decadrolone, 1 T-Bal 75, and 1 D-Anaoxn.

Click Here to view all of the stacks that are offered and the products they contain.

Crazy Mass Reviews from Users

Below you will find testimonials submitted by actual users who relate their own positive experiences from using these elite series supplements.


Crazy Mass Testimonials

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here we have a few of many before and after pictures that were sent in by satisfied customers that use Crazy Mass supplements.


The results Crazy Mass users can achieve are impressive and speak for themselves. You can start seeing significant changes in your body in as little as 30 days and the best thing is you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

Quality is an important consideration so you’ll be glad to know that these supplements are not made in some unregulated plant overseas but manufactured here in the USA under FDA supervision. Not only will you be getting top quality products but the prices are the best in the industry. Take advantage of the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” special on all products and Free Shipping for maximum savings. Go to the Official Crazy Mass website by clicking on the button below.