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This Fleshlight review is aimed at those who want to know more about this male sexual device, its many variations and accessories, and why it has become so popular with men in just a few years. The sex toy market is vast which makes it even more impressive when one particular product gains brand recognition as quickly as this one has. To clue in those who may not know what a Fleshlight is, it simply refers to a flashlight shaped device that men use to masturbate.

What makes the Fleshlight stand out when compared to others is the realism of the sensation it provides. All of this starts with an inner sleeve that is made of a material known as “Real Feel Superskin” whose life-like texture is one which most closely mimics the feel of actual skin. This soft sleeve is then inserted into the more rigid plastic casing for better control by the user. By inserting the penis into the opening of the sleeve the user can experience a sensation that is similar to the real thing.

For the sake of realism and to account for personal tastes, the user has the choice as to the type of orifice they prefer. Users can choose between orifices that replicate a vagina, a mouth, or an anus. Also, the canal inside of the soft-sleeve comes in a variety of textures, from slick to ribbed (and with other variations in between), so users can choose whichever one feels best to them. To give a greater sense of reality, certain some models are designed to reproduce the exact anatomy of certain well-known porn stars.

Fleshlight Review – Non-Interactive

Fleshlight Go

The Go is one of the most recent additions to this ever-growing line of products. Though it looks and functions exactly like the standard model, this one is smaller and lighter which makes it ideal for travel and other situations that require discretion. It’s smaller stature also allows single-handed use which some men prefer. It comes in a black or clear case with either a Pink Lady sleeve or clear neutral orifice sleeve.

Fleshlight Quickshot

Though the ultimate aim of providing male pleasure remains the same, the design and concept behind the Quickshot is entirely different. Not only is it much smaller than any of the regular sized models or even the portable Go, but the caps that are screwed to both ends cleverly disguise its real purpose when closed. It’s open-ended design also simplifies one of the least pleasant aspects of using an enclosed masturbator, the cleanup, which becomes much easier. Furthermore, some people may find it more visually stimulating to use since the climax is not hidden from view.

Fleshlight Girls

Realism is taken one step further with units that replicate the anatomy of leading porn stars, known as the Fleshlight Girls. Truth be told, all models are designed to feel as good if not better than the real thing, but for men who desire a greater degree of realism, this is the perfect choice.

By choosing your favorite Fleshlight Girl and the orifice of your choice, you now have the ability to have a similar sensation as you would if you were having actual intercourse with that porn star. So if you have already seen some of these ladies in action on the big screen and fantasized about being with them, then this is as real as it gets.

Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit)

This is one of the original models and, as its name implies, it was specifically designed to help men who have a problem ejaculating too soon. It accomplishes this by having an inner sleeve that not only simulates the natural feeling of penetration, but makes the usual sensation even more pronounced than normal.

The intention here is to expose the user to a more intense level of stimulation so that controlling their orgasms will be easier during real sex. On average, a man who is able to last 10 minutes with the Stamina Training Unit should be able to last twice as long with a real partner.

Build Your Own Fleshlight (BYO)

There are times when no particular model meets all of your requirements which is why there is also the option to build one to your own specifications. This option is only available on the official website where an easy to use interface allows you to make choices that include the color of the casing, the type of orifice, and the texture of the inner sleeve.

Fleshlight Vibro

The Vibro is one of the newer variations that brings a vibrating sensation to your device. For years, vibration has been a popular feature in many sex toys so it makes sense that it that this option would be offered. The way it works is that a battery powered bullet is inserted into a specifically designed pocket in the soft sleeve. Once turned on, the effect of this vibrating bullet will then be felt throughout the unit. Note that this bullet cannot be inserted into any sleeve so you must get a Vibro sleeve that was designed for that purpose.

It should be pointed out that the inner sleeves are interchangeable, so if at some point you want to experience different sensations, whether it’s a different orifice and/or a different internal texture, you won’t need to purchase a whole new device. At much lesser cost you may simply purchase another sleeve that will easily fit the plastic casing you already own. As you have seen the variations of this sexual device are varied and only limited by your imagination.

Fleshlight Review – Interactive

Fleshlight V-Stroker

The V-stroker is is an optional device which, when attached, allows you to have virtual sex. How this works is that you remove the end-cap on your device and replace it with your Vstroker cap. The transmitter device is plugged into the USB port of your computer and you select the porn star you want to have sex with. The reactions your virtual sex partner displays will then depend on how you use your Fleshlight.

Each penetrative motion will be wirelessly sent to your computer. If your strokes are slow the onscreen porn star will move accordingly and moan gently. If you thrust harder your virtual partner will move with more enthusiasm and scream with delight. This system is so realistic that it was an XBiz award winner as best virtual product in 2011. For those who don’t have a sexual partner or simply spending time apart from their partner and not wanting to cheat on them, this is a perfect substitute for the real thing.

Fleshlight Kiiroo

The latest interactive product to be offered is the Kiiroo. Known as a Teledildonic masturbator this cybersex device, combined with the power of the internet, allows 2 people to transmit and control each others pleasure over any distance in real time. The straight couples version includes 2 components: the Kiiroo Pearl vibrator for women and the Kiiroo Onyx masturbator for men (with a Superskin sleeve inside). A gay version is also available and differs in the fact that it comes with 2 Kiiroo Onyx male masturbators and no Pearl vibrator.

To begin, each person has to wirelessly connect their device using Bluetooth and log into Kiiroo’s proprietary video chat platform. After having done so they can communicate through this audio-video chat interface while at the same time using their respective device on themselves. When the women pleasures herself with her vibrator, the different sensations are transmitted in real time to the toy being used by the man.

The inner part of the male toy, the Onyx, contains 10 rings that contract as a response to what the women is doing with her vibrator. Similarly, the man’s motion is transmitted back to the woman’s Pearl vibrator and provides her with different sensations. This, of course, happens in real time and the audio-video chat combined with the continual exchange of sexual sensations is perfect for couples who are far apart physically yet want to be intimate and avoid cheating.

Novelties and Accessories

To satisfy their customers, new products are always in the works that cater to different fetishes, are meant to be more discreet, or just simply look cool. The Sex in a Can model has much the same purpose but with a more humorous twist. The Blade model caters to a male clientele interested in making their erotic experiences more adventurous.

Fleshlight Flight

The FLIGHT model for instance, is one whose sleek style easily disguises its intended purpose. It is smaller and lighter than regular models while a sleek and modern casing makes it look more like a freshener than an adult toy. It’s especially made for men on the go that want to take it with them without having to worry about being embarrassed during security screenings. It is available in both black or white and contains a transparent inner sleeve.

Fleshlight Ice

We typically assume that using a male masturbator is a solo endeavor but that isn’t always the case. More and more couples are including masturbation in their sexual activities and the Ice is a perfect choice for those moments. To make the experience more visually erotic, this model comes with a case and sleeve that are both clear.

Alien Fleshlight

The Freaks category includes 5 different models that are intended for those who like adult toys that include an element of fantasy and stray from the norm. The Alien and Cyborg models will appeal to those who are turned on by a sci-fi or futuristic theme while the Drac, Frankenstein and Zombie will definitely have appeal for those who want to include an element of horror in their sexual activities.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Though any model can be used on its own, additional accessories can add variety to your activity. One of the most recent additions, called the Shower Mount, allows you to use it in the shower hands free. The “Push Pillow” is another popular accessory that holds the unit which allows you to simulate intercourse in various positions. A Sleeve Warmer is also available to get your inner sleeves up to body temperature. This USB powered device is easy to use and only requires that you place your sleeve over it where it will reach and maintain the desired temperature within 5 minutes.

Fleshlight Launchpad

The LaunchPad is a product that allows you to use your Fleshlight while viewing your favorite erotic content on an iPad. It hold both items securely and has comfortable grips on each side for easier handling. The Phone Strap has a similar purpose though it holds a cell phone which is then strapped around your leg. It allows you to view content on your phone while leaving while leaving your hands free.

Hopefully this review of the Fleshlight has been informative and we encourage you to visit the official website by clicking on the button below.