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Though relatively new, the Bathmate hydropump is a penis enlargement device whose solid reputation that has led to a consistent rise in popularity. Even though it has the appearance of a conventional penis pump, it operates in a very different way. Rather than air, a Bathmate relies on water to alter the internal pressure inside the cylinder where your insert your manhood.

Not just more comfortable, the water medium also prevents the pressure within the cylinder from exceeding a threshold which could be unsafe. Whereas anecdotes referring to traditional penis pump injuries abound, hydropumps have the reputation for being very safe when instructions are followed.

Exposed to a constant barrage of exaggerated claims from the male enhancement industry, most men have developed a high degree of skepticism.Though the possibility of gaining 3″ in a few weeks is enticing, simple common sense tells us it isn’t realistic. However, the entire line of Bathmate hydro pumps has garnered a solid reputation over time for being a highly reliable penis augmentation method.

Using a Bathmate

They are quite easy to use and watching the video will break it down in simple steps. In the event you are still unclear and require more information, additional videos and graphics can be found on the manufacturer’s site. After getting more used to it, it’s common for guys to find it enjoyable which can become an added incentive for them to use it regularly going forward.

This growing community of satisfied users often share personal anecdotes and pictures as proof and to inspire others. Due to various factors, not everyone will react the same way but guys who are diligent and follow their workout plan without missing days report the best results.

What a penis pumps aims to do is train your manhood just like any other bodypart, the only difference being that you’ll use water pressure instead of weights. Weight training enthusiasts are familiar with the “pump”, or a state that occurs when muscles grow larger temporarily following a high level of exertion.

Bathmate pumps were designed to train your penis in a manner that induces a pumped state so you’ll notice results after using it the very first time. Lasting for as long as 3 hours, it will offer you gains in girth that can attain 1 1/4″ and 3/4″ in length.

How the Bathmate Works

What one has to remember is that a penis reacts just like other muscles so consistently training with the Bathmate causes temporary growth to become permanent. Over the long term, gains ranging anywhere from 1 to 3″ in length are possible.

Users need to keep in mind this device was designed in a way that not only increase penis length but also its girth and penis head size. This offers a marked advantage when compared to penis extenders, the best of which are known to effective at inducing gains in length but much less so at improving girth.

Contrary to most other devices that focus on just one aspect of growth, its a complete solution since it enhances both length and girth. Numerous surveys indicate that women place more emphasis on girth over length. That being so, your sexual partner may remain dissatisfied if your length increase isn’t matched by a relative increase in girth.

By doing both and even making the head larger, the Bathmate hydropump may well be the last male enhancement device you’ll need. You may have noticed that the Bathmate isn’t cheap, but when compared to the exorbitant cost of surgery that will set you back thousands and comes with substantial risks, then it really is a bargain.

Bathmate Hydropump Models

Over time Bathmate pumps have evolved and below you can read a brief description of each model that is currently available.

Hercules & Goliath

The earliest models to be put on the market will give you the best value if you’re on a tight budget. Though lacking the improvements found in later models, they’re great for beginners and remain consistent top sellers.  Recommended

Goliath and Hercules

Hydromax X30 & X40

These second generation pumps were re-designed with the intention of surpassing the originals in every way. Most notably, the pressure valve now has a more efficient latch, the comfort pad is removable and softer, the cylinder rotates freely for easier viewing of the measurement scale, and maximum power was increased a full 35% for quicker results. Highly Recommended

Hydromax X40 X30

Hydromax XX30 Xtreme & XX40 Xtreme

These models are the best hydropumps available. They have the same power as the standard Hydromax models but have an additional handheld squeeze pump. This addition gives users more precision when trying to attain and maintain a desired level of pressure. It’s without a doubt the absolute best hydropump you can buy.  Highly Recommended

Xtreme XX30 XX40

Length or Girth?

Most guys who want to augment their penis size are looking to improve in both length and girth. Though it is true that for most length is the main concern, the bottom line is that girth is just as important, if not more. Surveys looking for women’s opinions about size showed that they have a marked preference for girth which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked. Fortunately, the design of the Bathmate hydropump causes it to expand penile tissues in all directions so that it affects all measurements which not only include length and girth, but also penis head size. It’s a complete solution which is a big reason for this pump’s popularity.

Though we have established that the Bathmate is a versatile device that maximizes every aspect of growth, experience has shown that adding girth is what it does best. Though you will make length gains using it, they simply won’t be as good as what you would get by using a penis extender. The problem with rigid models like the Sizegenetics extender is that they tend to be uncomfortable and require users to wear them for many hours every day. Furthermore, the ones using the traditional metal rod design are bulky which means they are difficult to conceal under clothing no matter what the manufacturer claims. Adding to the problem of logging the required number of hours is that they also can’t be worn while sleeping.

Any extender of this type would be hard to recommend but luckily one known as the Phallosan is uniquely designed in a way that offers the advantages of extenders while eliminating most of their shortcomings. Whereas typical devices “strap down” the penis in a way that makes it difficult to avoid cutting off blood flow and makes them uncomfortable, the Phallosan attaches itself to the penis head using vacuum suction instead. Then instead of using a rigid and bulky apparatus to apply tension, the Phallosan extender comes with a supple belt that that is wrapped around your waist and is hooked to the plastic bell holding the penis head.

phallosan system

The unique design of the Phallosan Forte is so comfortable that most men even forget they are wearing it. This is a far cry from other extenders that need to be removed every few hours because of the discomfort that they cause. Furthermore, the fact it isn’t rigid means the Phallosan Forte can be worn under clothing without being detected. It’s also one of very few extenders that can actually be worn while sleeping. When you consider that extenders have to be worn several hours a day to be effective, these are 2 very important factors that give you more options to log in your required time of usage. In fact, if you wear the Phallosan while sleeping, it is possible to meet your daily quota of usage time before your day even begins!


Your final choice about which pump to select will be dictated by your current size while making the proper allowing for future growth. For example, the maximum diameter of the Bathmate Hercules is 1.87 and therefore not a logical choice if you already measure 1.8″. In this case choosing the next size up would be better.

That being the case, the official website has taken all the guesswork out choosing the right pump. Through the use of a simple interface that only requires you to enter your erect girth and length measurements, it will generate the perfect recommendation. With user satisfaction hovering close to 95%, Bathmate pumps have become the best-selling penis enlargement devices worldwide.

In light of such positive feedback, an offer to try it risk free now extends to all customers and gives them the opportunity to use it for a full 6 months to see if it really lives up to its claims. If you still aren’t yet convinced that the Bathmate hydropump can deliver the results you’re looking for, you can at least rest easy knowing you’ll get your money back with no questions asked once you return it.