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Phallosan Forte Penis Extender

Many different types of male enhancement devices are available on the market with penis extenders possibly being the most popular for one simple reason; they work. The Phallosan Forte was created to provide all the advantages of using an extender while eliminating the most common shortfalls. Unfortunately, extenders have to be worn for extended periods to produce good results which is difficult since most conventional models (with a rigid metal structure) are uncomfortable to wear. Most use some sort of silicone noose or strap to secure the penis which can very easily impede blood circulation. The discomfort that results requires users to adjust and remove it frequently which is not just inconvenient but also hinders the speed of results. The Phallosan attaches the penis in a completely unique way that applies suction on the penis head in a uniform way that is not just more comfortable but also safer. Also, since extenders have to be worn several hours a day to be effective, having more options about when it can be worn is a big plus. While the rigid structure of regular extenders makes them visible under clothing and prevents night time use, such is not the case with the Phallosan. Its flexibility makes it almost undetectable when worn beneath regular clothing and also allows it to be worn while sleeping. Having the option to wear the Phallosan Forte while sleeping is possibly the biggest benefit because the ability to do so means you can often meet your quota of usage by the time you get up and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. But then, if you need to or simply prefer to wear it during the day, you at least can do so without having to worry that anyone else will notice.

Bathmate Hydropumps

Penis pumps have been around for a long time and mostly have a bad reputation for not being safe which explains why they have fallen out of favor in the past few decades. The advent of hydro pumps such as the Bathmate, which uses a water medium instead of air for more consistent pressure has alleviated this problem. In fact, these types of pumps have become so popular that they are now the best selling penis enlargement devices worldwide. Though they do offer some increases in length, their real strength comes in increasing girth with results usually noticeable after your very first session. The first Bathmate models introduced were the Hercules and the larger Goliath. Since then 2 new lines have been introduced, the Hydromax and the Xtreme series, which have taken the originals to a higher level of comfort and performance. As a matter of fact, these newer pumps have a suction capacity that is 35% greater than earlier models. A typical workout lasts only around 15 minutes and can easily be performed while you shower. Once again, the Bathmate works to increase size in both length and width though it is better at improving the latter. Ideally, someone looking to maximize both of those aspects would get the best gains by combining the use of a pump like the Bathmate for girth while using an extender like the Phallosan Forte for length.