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The aim of this Gynexin review is to give you an honest overview one of the most effective pill solutions to reverse Gynecomastia (male breasts). This condition affects about 1/3 of all men and is known to occur at any age regardless of your background and how much you eat or weigh. The cause remains unknown though it has been suggested that a hormonal imbalance is a probable cause.

No More Manboobs

The available solutions that can effectively reduce or eliminate Gynecomastia are limited. Besides a product like Gynexin which requires nothing more than simply taking a pill daily, surgery is the only other option. The fact that Gynecomastia poses no health risk to the sufferer should be considered when deciding which option you choose since any type of surgery comes with inherent risks.

Though it isn’t a threat to physical health, the impact of having Gynecomastia shouldn’t be downplayed either. The psychological component is equally important and should be taken seriously. When a man suffers from declining levels of confidence and self-esteem, this is likely to have a negative effect on his social interactions. Over time, frustration and failures in this area could potentially lead to depression.

At a time when the ideal body image promoted in advertising gets further away from what the average person looks like, there is increased pressure on both sexes to live up to standards that are getting more difficult to attain. It surprises no one to learn that women are especially sensitive about their self-image but less obvious is a growing tendency for men to have similar worries.

Men are finding it harder to attain the physical ideals that make them attractive to potential partners. Displaying a fragile level of confidence only compounds the problem by making them less appealing to others. Certainly there is more to men and women than meets the eye, but the point is that before someone takes the time to discover who you are there must first be visual chemistry that will incite them to want to approach you.

Surgery or Gynexin Pills?


We know that regardless of what some may say, outward appearance is important, a fact that is only confirmed by the growing number of gyms and diet products available on the market. Unfortunately, men who have tried to get rid of their Gynecomastia by relying only on diet and exercise have, more often than not, obtained results that fell far short of meeting their expectations.

Losing body fat is a step in the right direction, but the truth is that it doesn’t address the hormonal imbalance that causes this condition. The most common way to get rid of man breasts is surgery which can set you back anywhere between $4,500 and $8,500. The advantage of this method is that the results are immediate but, as with most surgeries, comes with the risk of complications and visible scarring.

expensive surgery

Furthermore, anyone who has ever seen the outcomes of this type of surgery can attest that results are far from looking natural. This makes sense because no matter how gifted the surgeon, there is no way that mammary fat will be removed as evenly as the body can when it dissolves fatty tissues on its own. Considering that Gynecomastia is a cosmetic problem that poses no health risks, surgery should be avoided.

Fortunately, surgery isn’t the only option available to men since some products on the market treat this problem at a lesser cost while having the advantage of being non-invasive. Gynexin happens to be one such product which is not only easy to use since it only requires the user to ingest 2 to 4 pills a day, but compared to surgery represents a much cheaper alternative by a wide margin.

Gynexin Pills

Boasting a success rate of around 99% that is much higher than any other comparable product, it offers results that will dramatically improve your self-image and confidence so you feel more manly. Being less self-conscious, you will no longer be apprehensive about going topless and taking a swim without having to be concerned about covering up in baggy clothes to avoid derisive stares of people around you.

gynexin bottles

Besides its very high success rate, the Gynexin Alpha Formula contains only natural ingredients so users can address their condition without having to worry about incurring any negative side effects as is so often the case with chemical based drugs. One only needs to watch a few drug commercials on television to notice that most drugs come with side effects that are often worst than the problem they are supposed to cure. Below is a list of the ingredients it contains.


  • Chromium Picolinate: Numerous studies have found it to be effective in diminishing carb cravings. It is also known for its ability to raise your body’s metabolism.
  • Gynexin Alpha Formula: This is a proprietary blend of ingredients that are specifically designed to target the main factors that cause Gynecomastia.
  • Guggulsterones: A powerful antioxidant, it also helps to lower cholesterol levels which helps to diminish the creation of fatty deposits in the pectoral area.
  • Sclareolides: Commonly used by bodybuilders, it helps to reduce estrogen level while increasing testosterone which promotes gains in muscle mass when working out.
  • Green Tea Extract: Its benefits may be derived from a high antioxidant content. Helping to lower cholesterol levels it also has the ability to facilitate fat loss.

Gynexin Results

Everyone’s body reacts differently so it’s difficult to accurately predict how long it will take to attain a desired outcome. Results may not be as quick as surgery, but the wait will be well worth it as you get more natural looking results without ugly scars that are difficult to hide. You should begin to see some results in as few as 2 to 3 weeks with more appreciable firmness becoming apparent after 4 to 6 weeks.

You may continue to use it until you have achieved the desired results which typically takes less than 6 months. Obviously, the speed of results will vary from one person to another. The good news is that you can discontinue usage at any time without fearing that your condition might regress since gains are permanent. It also means you can avoid ongoing costs once you’re happy with your appearance.

Before and After Pictures

Sometimes words don’t do a very good job of conveying results that can only be assessed visually. Anyone interested in Gynexin wants to know what to expect and for this product nothing offers a more accurate depiction than actual before and after pics sent in by users. Below is just a small sample of the many images sent in so you’ll have a better idea of what Gynexin could do for you.

before after chest 3

before after chest 4

before after chest 5

Side Effects

By all accounts from past users, this pill is very safe and the side effects it may produce are minor. Even though they occur infrequently, below are some of the most common complaints.


Since it contains caffeine, those who are sensitive to this stimulant may have difficulty falling asleep. If that’s the case for you, try to limit the consumption of other drinks that also contain caffeine, especially close to bedtime.

Bowel Irritation

Especially when you first start taking Gynexin, it isn’t uncommon to get an upset stomach. Most often this is caused by the caffeine and green tea ingredients it contains. This irritability should subside but if it doesn’t simply discontinue use and see a doctor.

Irregular Heart Rate

Once again the culprit here is usually caffeine which can raise your heart rate even when you’re at rest. The body tends to adjust to this over time but you can help yourself by decreasing or eliminating the caffeine you get from other sources.


Though doing exercise while taken Gynexin is not a requirement, doing so will speed up results by helping to burn fat in the chest area while giving it a more toned appearance. The aim here is not to build muscle but to lower the amount of fat in the pectoral area. For this reason you need to use lower weights while using a higher number of repetition. Remember that the point here is to flatten your chest and not make it bigger.

These are some of the exercises recommended by experts to be the most effective in helping you burn chest fat while sculpting the pectoral area.

  • Decline Pushups
  • Incline Bench Dumbell Press
  • Dumbell Pullovers
  • Incline Bench Barbell Press
  • Smith Machine Inclice Bench Press

The ideal chiseled, muscular and masculine looking chest is part of a simple to follow 2 step process that includes: 1) Taking Gynexin in the manner and interval prescribed and 2) training your chest using the exercises mentioned above to shape it to get the appearance you like.


Eating certain foods won’t get rid of Gynecomastia but doing so should be part of an overall lifestyle that includes healthy eating. It makes sense to stay away from foods that are most likely to help you gain fat, since your aim is to reduce fatty deposits, while embracing foods that your burn it off. Below are a few basic guidelines you should follow.

Limit calorie consumption – To function, a man needs to consume somewhere between 1200-1600 calories daily. Additional calories that aren’t needed will be converted to fat so it makes sense to control the number you ingest.

Stay away from packaged, processed and deep-fried foods. Most contain excessive quantities of saturated fats which will only make your problem worse. Foods that are packaged tend to also be high in estrogen which contributes to swelling of the breasts.

Reduce sugar consumption – This doesn’t just refer to refined sugar but also to simple carb items like pasta and white bread which are quickly converted to sugar after consumption. They will quickly be converted to fat so reducing the amount you ingest is a good way to combat manboobs.

Replace starchy foods with more protein-rich foods – A diet that is lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein can accelerate your metabolism dramatically. Too many carbs are a main factor in creating fatty deposits so moving towards a more protein-rich diet can help alleviate this problem.

What Gynexin Does and Doesn’t Do

What is Does

  • Gynexin performs in decreasing excess breast tissue but it isn’t a cure-all either. It is simply the most important component of what should be a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise and better nutrition.
  • It focuses on reducing the excess tissue that causes Gynecomastia to flatten your chest.
  • By also burning fat in the pectoral area, the amount of unwanted chest tissue is diminished.

What it Doesn’t Do

  • Developing a more toned and muscular chest isn’t what Gynexin is about. Its goal is to remove the excess fatty tissue that can hide the progress you make when training your chest at the gym.
  • Its only purpose is to reduce enlarged chest tissue, that is all. It isn’t meant to develop or shape your pecs.
  • It won’t give you a perfectly chiseled and muscular chest. That is something you have to do on your own by going to the gym.


Real user feedback is always a good way to get a feel for how well a product works. Below is a small sample of the many positive comments made by satisfied customers.

“The thing I like most about Gynexin is how fast it works. My pecs are ripped and you can’t tell I ever had manboobs. Glad someone told me about your product and I’ll make sure to tell others.”   James, Florida

“Totally amazed by your product. As a bodybuilder the steroids I was on caused my gyno. Having had a bad response toanesthesia inthe past I wanted to avoid surgery and glad I did. Gynexin has worked incredibly well for me. Thanks.”   Jeremy, California

“I’ve been using Gynexin for 4 months and can’t believe the progress I’ve made. Using it alone was already giving me good results but adding some chest exercises took my results to a whole new level.”  Austin, Nebraska

” It seemed like I suffered from Gynecomastia for most of my adult life until I tried Gynexin. It changed my life and I can now go shirtless and not be embarrassed. It’s a great product and I would recommend anyone try it before considering surgery.” Mitch, Michigan


Before you decide whether Gynexin is worth buying, you should consider the alternative of not doing so. You only live once so is it worth it to go through life being unhappy and self-conscious when you don’t have to? Certainly you could opt for surgery but why choose the riskier and more expensive option when you can get better and more natural looking results by simply taking a pill?

To allay any fears that Gynexin won’t live up to its claims, its makers have decided to eliminate any risk to the consumer by offering a 60 day guarantee on their product. Few other manufacturers stand behind their products to such an extent and this, in itself, should give you greater peace of mind.

So before you consider going through the more arduous surgical route, you owe it to yourself to try Gynexin while knowing that you will only pay if you get full satisfaction. You simply need to click on the button below to be taken to the official Gynexin site for more information or to place your order.