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In a sea of male enhancement products, many of which are outright scams, Male Extra stands out as one of the few that has a solid reputation. There are various ways that guys can increase their size that include pills, pumps, extenders, exercises, and even surgery. Unfortunately, though the pill method is one of the most popular since it is the easiest to use, it is also the one that has the worst track record as far as fraud is concerned.

One quick method to detect a scam pill is when it makes exaggerated claims that are just too good to be true. If an advertisement claims that you can make gains of 2 to 4 inches in just a week or two, it almost guarantees the product is a scam. Secondly, any pill-based male enhancement product that claims to work solely by taking a pill and doing nothing else is highly suspect.

Since Male Extra also happens to be a pill form of male enhancement, what makes it more trustworthy than others? The difference is that it doesn’t make exaggerated claims but relies on results that have been clinically proven. One such study was conducted at Nauka University and Research Center where men given a typical dose showed a significant increase in blood flow to the penis which lead to firmer, larger erections and improved sexual performance. These results are especially encouraging when one considers that they come from a drug-free supplement that has no side effects and can be obtained without a prescription.

How Does It Work?

Having a hard erection that can be maintained is essential to having a fulfilling sex life. This is achieved when there is proper blood flow which the ingredients in Male Extra are intended to promote. The powerful combination of natural ingredients it contains were specifically selected for their ability to significantly increase penile blood flow.

An erection occurs when the penis becomes engorged with blood. Greater the amount of blood flowing to that region, the harder and larger your penis will become. Male Extra has the ability to expand blood vessels and in so doing allows more blood to flow into the penis. This causes it to become harder, bigger, can be sustained longer, and produces orgasms that are more powerful and intense.

Also, improved circulation means nutrients and oxygen reach cells faster which delays fatigue and sexual stamina. Male Extra allows you to be hard when you need to and the ability to last all night long.

Male Extra Results

Also, every order comes with a bonus supply of Performer 5 pills. Male Extra does a good job of enhancing your size, stamina, and ability to get an erection, but what it doesn’t do is increase semen production. That’s what the Performer5 pills are for. It may not be as much of a concern for younger guys but aging men notice a reduction in semen output over time. No doubt that most men and many women consider the volume of ejaculations as a sign of manliness. By taking this product you no longer have to worry about that aspect of your sexuality since it has been shown to increase semen production by up to 500%.

It is reasonable to wonder what gains you can expect from using the Male Extra system. These may vary significantly from one person to another and the manufacturer doesn’t want to mislead consumers like so many competing products do. If you honestly believe ads that say you can gain multiple inches in just a few weeks, then this is not the right solution for you. However, if you want a system that is realistic and are willing to follow instructions diligently, then gains of 0.8 to 2.6 inches in the span of 3 to 6 months have been reported by satisfied users.

Be forewarned that even fake male enhancement pills can be dangerous to your health. If a manufacturer is dishonest enough to knowingly sell supplements that don’t work, then they certainly can’t be trusted to not use harmful components. You will be glad to know that this supplement is made from natural ingredients so you needn’t worry about harmful side effects. Though natural, one shouldn’t underestimate the strength of these pills since the active ingredients they contain are present in the highest dosage available on the market.

Male Extra vs Viagra

Since Male Extra is a pill-based male enhancement product, it isn’t uncommon for men to wonder how well it stacks up against Viagra. There is no doubt that both products have some common affinities but it should be noted that the primary purpose of each one is completely different. Viagra has the aim of helping men who have erectile dysunction or, more specifically, have difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. This problem is common in men above with about half over the age of 40 facing this issue. Though Viagra can’t correct problems that are the result of physical injury, it does help over 80% of men who are otherwise normal but experience erectile issues.

Male Extra, on the other hand, is aimed at increasing the size of a man’s penis which is something Viagra doesn’t do. There are many ways to increase a man’s size with pills obviously being the easiest to use which is why they are so popular. Penis extenders such as the Phallosan and and hydropumps have gained a solid reputation for being effective but they require more effort and time from users. Hydropumps usually need to be used around 15 minutes a day about 5 times a week while extenders need to be used at least 6 hours a day to be effective.

Buyers need to beware because most pills on the market make wild promises they never come close to delivering on. The onus is on the potential buyer to do the proper research to make sure they choose a product they can trust. Male Extra is one such product that has gained public trust because it is backed by actual scientific proof. Pomegranate is an ingredient that has been added as it has been proven to enhance the ability to get an erection and making them harder when you do. L-Arginine has shown similar properties in over 100 clinical tests which is the amount contained when compared to any other competing product on the market.

We have now seen that even though both have different objectives, there is some overlap in the way they enhance your overall sexual experience. Obviously, when Viagra makes it easier to get and maintain an erection, side benefits like greater stamina, harder erections and better orgasms usually follow. And even though that isn’t that drug’s purpose, penis size may also increase because a harder penis is always bigger than one that isn’t fully erect. By the same token, the main goal of Male Extra is to increase the size of your manhood but it also delivers comparable side benefits that greatly enhance your overall sexual experience.

So whether you choose one or the other (or both) really depends on what your priorities are. If gaining size is your objective than Male Extra is definitely the way to go and is especially effective when combined with the use of devices like the Phallosan if you want to focus on length or the Bathmate if you want to emphasize girth. These devices aren’t required but will give you faster results. Also, an added advantage is that is doesn’t require a prescription while Viagra usually does (though you can Click Here to obtain it WITHOUT a prescription). Lastly, it is made from natural ingredients which means you don’t have to worry about side effects as is the case when using Viagra.


So what are the ingredients contained in this potent formula that make it so special? While other suspect products shy away from divulging this information, the makers of Male Extra are proud to do so. Below is a list of these ingredients and the amounts contained in every pill:

  • Pomegranate (40% ellagic) 500mg: It has a reputation for enhancing libido and increasing stamina. This highly concentrated Pomegranate extract is reported to double sexual performance in males.
  • L-Arginine: An amino acid has the ability to inhibit the creation of nitric oxide when it decomposes. The nitric oxide produced then goes on to expand the blood vessels of the penis which leads to harder erections.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) 100mg: Is relies on the increased blood flow caused by other ingredients to to help improve the quality of cells for better penis health.
  • Creatine: Assists the cycle producing the energy required for muscular expansion and contraction. This keeps your ATP (body energy) high.
  • Cordyceps 25mg: Known for its ability to enhance your desire and sex drive.
  • Zinc 45mg: Plays a big part in maintaining optimal sperm quality and production. Helps to protect sperm from free radical damage.

These penis enhancement pills are not just a legitimate way to increase your size but also have the added benefit of improving overall sexual performance. After all, what is the point of having a bigger penis if your erections are soft and can’t be maintained? Your partner may initially be impressed by your size but that could quickly turn to disappointment if you have a weak erection and fail to perform adequately.


Over the years Male Extra enhanced the sex lives of thousands of men. During this time many of those have voluntarily submitted their personal success stories from using this product. Below is a small sample of the numerous testimonials sent in by real users.

“In the past I tried penis pumps but didn’t like the fact gains were temporary if I didn’t use it regularly. After trying Male Extra I was surprised to gain 1.7″ in a bit more than a month. The best thing is those gains are permanent and even my wife is amazed by how fast I grew. I’m more than please and would recommend this product to any guy who wants more size and a better sex life.”   Samuel, USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the improved stamina and confidence I’ve gained since I began using Male Extra. As I’m getting older, the possibility of Erectile Dysfunction tends to worry me but your supplement and recommended exercises have made a huge difference. I’m now able to maintain an erection for longer periods while having better control. Increasing my size and having better orgasms are another plus.”   Derek, Australia

“I really just started to take Male Extra to get more size but besides that it surprised me by doing much more. Not only does it help you get bigger but I found a noticeable increase in my libido and ability to perform longer. The 34 exercises that are included not only made me a better lover but they improved the quality of the orgasms for both myself and my partner.  Phil, England


It offers you a one step solution that takes care of 2 of the most common male problems at the same time: penis enlargement and male enhancement. This is not only more convenient for the user but also more cost effective. Also, the ingredients it contains were designed to work together so you don’t have to worry about harmful drug interactions that can occur when 2 separate drugs are taken together.

If you are still skeptical that this product will live up to your expectations, it should be mentioned that it’s the only one of its kind in the industry to be supported by a full 60 day guarantee. The manufacturer wanted to ensure that users had ample time to evaluate their product risk-free. So now you know you can try Male Extra and be absolutely thrilled by the results or get your money back. For more information simply click on the button below to visit the official website.