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This Penomet review introduces you to the latest male enlargement device using hydropump technology to enter the market. Up till now this market has been largely dominated by the better known Bathmate which has become the best selling product of its kind in the world.

So the question is: if the Bathmate is so popular, then why should you buy the Penomet instead? The purpose of this review is to answer this question and to outline the major reasons why it is, by far, a superior choice. To begin, a short explanation of what a hydropump is and how it works will help you better understand why the Penomet is superior.

A hydropump, like Penomet, looks very similar to a typical penis pump but that is where the similarity ends. As its name indicates, this type of pump uses water instead of air as a medium that alters pressure. This may seem trivial but it actually makes all the difference in the world.

How Does Penomet Work?

Air cased pumps have fallen out of favor because they are known to cause injuries resulting from the uneven pressure areas that air will create inside the cylinder. Water, on the other hand, eliminates this problem altogether since the consistent pressure prevents you from going beyond a threshold that might lead to injury.

Besides being very safe, it is also easy to use and only requires filling the cylinder with water before inserting your manhood and then firmly pressing the device against your pelvis. Once this is done, pulling the cylinder towards you will cause water to be expelled from the valve situated at the tip of the unit and, by so doing, reduce the pressure inside the cylinder.

This will cause penile tissues to expand and you simply need to pump out as much water as you need to obtain the desired pressure level. After you have reached this optimal pressure and maintained it for the appropriate length of time, usually around 15 minutes, the device can be easily removed by pressing the valve at the tip.

How to use it in 6 Steps

The Penomet was engineered to with ease of use in mind. By going through each of the next 6 steps you can have your Penomet set to use in under a minute.

  1. Select the removable gaiter of you wish to use (we recommend the purple 60 if you’re a beginner).
  2. Connect the chosen gaiter to the main cylinder of the Penomet and then fill your device with water.
  3. Put your penis into the unit and create a vacuum seal by pumping a few times and continue until you reach the desired pressure.
  4. Simply relax for 15 to 20 minutes while re-pumping occasionally as required.
  5. To take the Penomet off, you first need release the pressure by pressing the valve located at the tip of the unit.
  6. Repeat the entire process with a stronger gaiter once you have more experience and want a more intense workout.

The Results

It’s normal for anyone to wonder about what gains they can expect from using the Penomet. Results obviously vary from one person to another but increases of up to 3 inches in length and over 1 1/2 inches in girth are typical. It also has the benefit of delivering noticeable gains after the very first session. These gains are temporary but consistent training will cause them to become permanent over time.

One important distinction to note is that its design is meant to emphasize all facets of penile enlargement. For instance, traditional penis stretchers are known for their ability to increase length while doing very little to improve girth. On the other hand, hydropumps are not only effective in improving both of those dimensions but they also increase penis head size.

Also, short workouts that last only 15 minutes offer users deliver a better reward to time invested ratio than penis stretchers which, besides being uncomfortable, require users to wear them for as many as 12 hours per day. The fact that they are also difficult to conceal under clothing only complicates matters further for those who work outside the home.

Penomet Pros and Cons

No male enlargement option is perfect and each one has different strengths and weaknesses. The Penomet is no different and its main attributes are listed below to help you make a more informed decision.

The Pros

  • fast results (visible after just 1 session)
  • simple to use (just 6 easy steps take less than 60 seconds)
  • workouts only 15 to 20 minutes long
  • multiple gaiters for faster gains
  • enhances all penile measurements

The Cons

  • having to change gaiters can be annoying
  • less effective for gaining length than extenders
  • less powerful and durable than the Bathmate

Penomet vs Bathmate

The Bathmate works on the same principle but unfortunately doesn’t allow the same possibilities as the Penomet. First, every Bathmate can only subject you penis to 1 pressure level and that is all. This would be the equivalent of going to the gym and having only one set of weights in the dumbell rack. If you decided you needed to use more or less weight, you simply wouldn’t have the option to do so.

Actually, the only way to increase the intensity of your penis workout with the Bathmate is to buy a whole different model which they call the Hydromax and which increases pressure 30% over the standard model. The Penomet on the other hand, comes with a series of “Gaitors”, which refers to the extensible rubber sleeve that is at the base of the device.

These comes with different levels of flexibility that influence the level of pressure inside the cylinder, thereby affecting the intensity of the workout that your manhood is getting. The Premium model comes with 5 different gaitors so you can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout when you need to just as you would while working any other muscle at the gym.

Furthermore, the Penomet comes in only one size, large, and for this reason is able to accomodate men of all sizes while leaving enough room for future growth. By comparison, the standard Bathmate can be easily outgrown if you get bigger than average which, once again, requires you to buy another bigger model known as the Goliath.

Bathmate Hydromax vs Penomet Pressure Test

Both pumps are available in different kits whose prices depend on the type of accessories they contain. Both aren’t inexpensive so apart from evaluating them solely on the basis of the results they can deliver, it also makes sense to compare their durability. Both pumps are well engineered though the Penomet has also been attributed certifications from various independent institutions (CE Marking, ISO and SGS).

One shouldn’t conclude this makes them better than the competing Bathmate hydropumps since they simply haven’t been tested by these institutions yet. However, when similar tests were conducted on both the Penomet and Bathmate Hydromax X30, the latter proved to be decisively better. When viewing the video that follows, you will easily notice that even when using its most powerful gaiters, the Penomet is never able to achieve pressure levels that match the Hydromax X30. In this test, the Hydromax is the clear winner.

Is Your Size Important?

Different individuals have varying preferences when it comes to penis size so an ideal measurement doesn’t really exist. There are many reasons why a person can develop a particular size preference, some of which are merely due to personal tastes while others are determined by more practical considerations, like how it compliments their own bodies. Like the male anatomy, female sexual organs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes which can lead to some women on the smaller side to prefer men who aren’t excessively large.

Keeping that in mind, though there can be no consensus as to what constitutes the ideal penis, the majority of women tend to prefer manhoods whose dimensions fall inside of a specific range. An opinion poll aimed at assessing women’s penile size preferences concluded that they liked penises that were 7.25 to 8.25 inches long with girth within the range of 6.25 to 6.50 inches. Male members that fell outside these norms weren’t deemed unacceptable but responders stated that the degree of pleasure had a tendency to diminish the further one moved away from this range in either direction (smaller or bigger).

An obvious problem can be seen when this data is compared to what men’s penises really are on average. A different poll that was conducted on 15,000 men across the world found that the average erect penis had a length and girth of 5.15 and 4.5 inches respectively. This implies that the average male is about 2 inches short of meeting the lower end of the ideal range. The size of a man’s penis is far from being the only factor that influences the quality of sexual relations though the first survey shows it’s a major contributor to a woman’s level of satisfaction. The good news is that a hydropump like the Penomet is a reliable option that men can rely on to add the size they may be lacking.

Thickness or Length?

Almost all men who are motivated to improve their measurements want increases in both length and thickness. Although length is most often prioritized, thickness is no less important and shouldn’t be ignored. Polls conducted to assess female perspectives on penile size discovered that women favored thickness which justifies giving it the attention it deserves. Specifically engineered to promote tissue growth in all directions, Penomet hydropumps are successful at improving all measurements which also includes increasing penis head size. Being a complete solution that is quick and easy to use are the major reasons for its growing popularity with guys.

The versatility to enhance all aspects of penile augmentation gives the Penomet the edge over competing devices though increasing penis girth is what it really does best. You will also benefit from gaining added length though these won’t be as impressive as the length gains an extender can deliver. The most important downsides of using a penis extender like Sizegenetics are discomfort and the need to wear it many hours every day. Additionally, the rigidity of this conventional design makes it bulky and therefore more difficult to hide under clothing regardless of contrary claims made by the manufacturer. To make matters worse, they can’t be worn while sleeping which makes it harder to meet your daily usage requirements.

These drawback makes conventional extenders difficult to recommend though the Phallosan is an exception since its innovative design eliminates these problems while delivering comparable results. Contrary to traditional devices that strap down the penis to secure it, which often blocks circulation and causes discomfort, the Phallosan Forte relies on mild suction on the penis tip to achieve the same goal. After, instead of using a rigid structure to maintain tension, this extender comes with an elastic belt that wraps around your waist and connects to the plastics bell which holds the penis tip using suction.

The Phallosan’s design makes it so much better than competing extenders that many users say they often forget they’re even wearing it. This makes it far more practical since its superior level of comfort means you don’t have to remove it and take a break every few hours. Furthermore, lacking the usual bulkiness of other extenders means the Phallosan Forte can easily be worn undetected under clothing. Making it even more convenient is the fact it can also be worn while you’re sleeping. When considering the reality that penis extenders have to be used for several hours every day to deliver satisfying gains, these two advantages give you more flexibility when trying to meet your usage requirements. Quite often, simply using the Phallosan while you sleep will allow you to meet your daily usage quota before your day even begins!


“Other hydropumps I used previously were either not wide enough or too long and were lacking in suction. By contrast, the Penomet is comfortable to use while providing more powerful suction. After using it I’m noticeably bigger than when I start. I’m pleased with my purchase and look forward to making more solid gains in the future.” Gilbert, Arizona

“I’m offering this testimonial after getting the Premium Penomet package. Having tried a number of competing devices in the past, I can honestly say that none have worked so well for me as the Penomet. That isn’t to say some of the others don’t produce results but it’s just that the Penomet is better. It hasn’t just helped me to get larger but my erections are also fuller which the wife really likes. I highly recommend it to any guy looking to get bigger.”  Eric, Ohio

“I hadn’t been satisfied with the size of my penis for as long as I could remember and felt like my wife wasn’t satisfied. After doing my own research on forums and websites I purchased the Penomet kit. The ability to change gaiters to modify pressure when I want to gives my workouts more variety for faster results. During my sessions I can feel myself expanding and over time those gains become permanent.”  Stephen, Nebraska

“From the start the Penomet worked for me and I’ve been a fan ever since. I noticed results after the very first session! My erections are now longer, thicker and harder. By following some of the exercise routines found online you willl gt results that will eventually become permanent. I’ve recommended it to all my guy friends and will continue using it in the future.”  Logan, Indiana


Of course, there are many other male enlargement devices on the market that make various claims that they can’t substantiate. The good thing about the Penomet is that it has been the subject of clinical studies by Italian scientists who have concluded that it is highly successful at increasing a man’s size.

If you’re still on the fence about investing your hard earned money in this product for fear that it doesn’t deliver on its claims, you can rest easy knowing that it comes with an industry leading 1 year guarantee. The manufacturer is so confident in the effectiveness of the Penomet that they allow you a full 12 months to return it for a complete refund if it fails to meet your expectations.