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The following Phallosan Forte review is aimed at men who need more information to evaluate the merits of this male enhancement product. It falls within the category of penis extenders (or stretchers) which have the primary function of increasing penis length though they also improve girth to a lesser degree. They also have a secondary purpose in helping men that have a pronounced curvature of the penis, a condition commonly referred to as Peyronie’s Disease.

Phallosan Kit

Extenders already have an enviable reputation as one of the most reliable ways lengthen your manhood when compared to other methods that include pills, pumps, jelqing and using weights. The problem is that their success relies on being worn several hours per day, a requirement that is difficult to meet due to the discomfort caused by most popular models. In response to this problem the inventors of the Phallosan came up with an ingenious new design that is more comfortable and convenient to use when compared to traditional metal rod extenders.

The company that designed it has been around for over 14 years and during this time has acquired an impressive track record of satisfied users. Furthermore, the Phallosan is one of the few PE devices on the market that is recommended by physicians and has been clinically tested. These studies not only proved that it was effective at promoting gains in size, but that it was also beneficial in helping to correct penile curvature. It has gained such a solid reputation within the health industry that it was actually approved by the FDA in 2013.

Shipped Boxes

The Phallosan is a German product that is manufactured in the Republic of Malta. When it is shipped to you the unit and accessories comes in a plain box with no external markings that might give a clue to its contents.

Each Phallosan Forte kit includes the following items:

  1. Three vacuum bells (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large) and 4 condom sleeves of different sizes
  2. Measurement guide that helps you choose the correct vacuum bell
  3. Instructional DVD as well as a written manual
  4. Protection cap that covers the penis head
  5. Suction bulb that allows you to suck air from the vacuum bell
  6. Spring loaded tension clip that allows the users to adjust tension properly by following a simple color coded system.
  7. Orthopedic stretchable belt that wraps around the waist to secure the device and control tension.

Phallosan Forte Items

How to Use It

Looking at the items contained in the kit and trying to understand how they work together might seem a little daunting at first. Don’t be intimidated because the process is quite simple and will take very little time to repeat once you get used to it. Detailed instructions on how to proceed can be found in both the paper manual and instructional DVD.

The first step is determining the size of the vacuum bell that is right for you. This is done with the aid of the measurement guide which is applied at the base of your penis. It will quickly tell you which of the small, medium or large vacuum bells is right for you.

Once you have picked the correct vacuum bell, you need to select a condom sleeve of similar size and fit it onto the bell. The easiest way to apply the sleeve is to start by rolling one end of the sleeve well over the opening of the bell. Once well secured gently roll up the remaining lower portion all the way to the bottom of the base (see the video).

Note: Phallosan condom sleeves are comparable to regular condoms except that they are made with a thicker material. In earlier versions of the Phallosan the condoms were prone to tearing more easily but they have since been replaced with a new type that are much more durable. New kits now contain 4 additional sleeves so you shouldn’t be concerned about needing replacements.

Next, place the protection cap over the penis head which is then inserted inside the bell. Now you simply need to roll down the condom over the shaft of the penis and you’ve completed the hardest part of the operation. By attaching the suction bulb to the tip of the vacuum bell you then only need to press it a few times to create a stronger vacuum that will hold the penis in place.

Finally, you need to attach the vacuum bell to the belt which you then secure around your waist. The desired tension is obtained by adjusting the elastic belt as necessary. The tension clip shows 3 different colors that correspond to various degrees of traction. The picture below shows you the approximate amount of force that is being applied for different color levels. Beginning with the lowest tension level and building up gradually is recommended.

Phallosan Forte Results

The principle of traction has been around for many years and used by doctors to extend the limbs of patients with growth deficiencies. It involves applying mild but constant tension to target areas with the aim of provoking a biological response called “cytokinesis”. This refers to the process where repeated cell division causes the number of existing cells to multiply. These new cells are then available to your body when it needs to create additional tissue to accommodate growth.

Around the world there are numerous examples of different cultures that rely on the same process to lengthen certain body parts. Some tribes in Africa use metal rings and plates to successfully stretch the necks and lips of females. The Phallosan is no different and merely relies on the same time proven concept to increase penis length. It just does it more efficiently in a more controlled and safe manner.

Penis Curvature (Peyronie’s Disease)

This condition affects approximately 5% of men though the degree of curvature can vary greatly. In some very extreme cases the angle can reach 90 degrees and in one such case where the patient wanted to avoid surgery, the doctor decided to give the Phallosan a try.

A significant reduction in deviation occurred after just 3 months and was reduced to just 30 degrees after 6 months. The vast majority of cases are much milder and up to this point over 640 patients have used it to successfully treat their condition.

Clinical Study

The male enhancement market is rampant with products of limited value, if not outright scams, so being able to identify the ones that actually work can be overwhelming. I think it’s important to be honest about managing your expectations as far as results are concerned. Like most men, you’ve probably seen numerous ads for products claiming the ability to help you gain multiple inches in just a few weeks. These claims are dishonest and only prey on men’s insecurities for a quick profit.

Avoiding products that make such outlandish claims is a good way to eliminate most of the ones that will only waste your time and money. Those that remain still require proper research but at least you’ve narrowed the field considerably. Ideally you should look at products that have a proven track record, are endorsed by doctors and, most importantly, have been clinically tested by an independent 3rd party. This extender checks all 3 of those boxes and the results of the Phallosan Forte clinical study can be found below.

The study was performed on a total of 24 men of ages ranging from 20 to 68 over a period of 6 months. The charts below give an overview of the results obtained at different stages of the experiment.
Clinical Study Chart

Summary of Results

  • the average length gains of users while erect was 0.45 inches at 3 months and 0.75 inches at 6 months.
  • the average girth gains of users while erect was 0.25 inches at 3 months and 0.3 inches at 6 months.
  • the average length gains of users while flaccid was 0.4 inches at 3 months and 0.6 inches at 6 months.

Note that the users were only wearing their devices 6 hours a day and 5 days per week. This is about the minimum of time an extender should be worn to get good results but the comfort of the Phallosan Forte makes it easy to wear for twice as long on a daily basis. I am certainly not special by any means yet my personal gains were significantly better when compared to the averages from the study. I’ve summarized the results in the chart below.

My Personal Gains

My Results Chart

I gained about 1.3 inches of erect length and 0.4 inches in girth which is pretty impressive for a newbie. The key is consistency and I’m quite confident that users who are willing to invest the same amount of time, or more, can easily expect to gain at least 1 inch in length. As an added benefit I also noticed an improvement in the quality of my erections with more powerful and intense orgasms.

Phallosan Forte vs Sizegenetics

Since Sizegenetics is one of the most widely recognized traditional extenders on the market, some may wonder how the Phallosan Forte fares in comparison. There is no doubt that Sizegenetics is an excellent product that offers reliable results, but it is still plagued by the typical shortcomings that are inherent to its rigid metal rod design. Though some improvements have been introduced that make it more comfortable to use, the bottom line is that it simply can’t compete with the Phallosan in terms of comfort.

As far as penis extenders are concerned, the importance of comfort cannot be overemphasized. Such devices need to be worn several hours (6 or more) a day to deliver results and doing so is nearly impossible when using older technology that relies on silicone nooses or straps to secure the penis. They inevitably strangle your manhood in a way that restricts blood flow and leads to discomfort. For this reason they are difficult to wear for more than a couple of hours before you need to take a break or make some adjustments.

By comparison, the Phallosan doesn’t “strap down” the penis but holds it in place with gentle and evenly distributed vacuum pressure over the head. The end result is a level of comfort and safety that allows it to be worn for longer periods of time. Logging in the required daily usage time then becomes easier and translates into getting better results more quickly. If an extender is painful to use you’ll simply start using it less and less until you stop using it altogether.

Get Bigger While You Sleep

In terms of practicality, the Phallosan Forte also has 2 major advantages over Sizegenetics. The first and most exciting is that it can be worn at night. I can’t overstate how HUGE of an advantage this is. By wearing it at night you’re making gains while you sleep and in most cases meeting your daily usage quota by the time you wake up. The bulkiness of typical extenders not only makes finding a comfortable sleeping position more difficult, but they also tend to to slip off when you experience involuntary erections during the night.

Secondly, because it isn’t as bulky as the rigid Sizegenetics, it’s easier to conceal under clothes which is important for most men who have jobs outside the home. For whatever reason, some men may not be able to take advantage of wearing their Phallosan at night or may simply want to log in additional usage time. For them, the ability to wear it in a discreet manner outside the home gives them more flexibility. If you do the math, you’ll quickly see that excluding sleep and work hours would make it quite hard to use your extender for as long as you need to.

The Winner: Phallosan Forte

When it comes to overall effectiveness, both extenders are in a virtual tie and you wouldn’t go wrong by choosing either of them. It could even be said that the Sizegenetics has a slight advantage of being easier to put on and remove. That being said, the degree of comfort offered by the Phallosan and the ability to wear it at night easily tips the scales in its favor. So in my opinion, and for all of these reasons, the Phallosan is the clear winner.

This brings up an important point that Phallosan users need to be aware of, which is that this device is better suited to increasing length than girth. Yes, it will increase girth somewhat, but its design is simply not well suited to maximizing that aspect of growth. If girth is your main consideration then using a hydropump such as the Bathmate or the Penomet will give you much better results. Personally, I recommend the Bathmate because it feels more comfortable and also seems to be a better quality product.


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If you’ve read this far you probably know by now that I’m a big fan of this penis enlarger and give it my highest recommendation. Even if you’ve been duped or disappointed in the past, you can rest assured that this product is legitimate and will deliver results when used in a consistent manner. Furthermore, it comes with a 2 year warranty and 14 day refund guarantee should you change your mind and decide to return it. I hope this in-depth review of the Phallosan Forte has been helpful in getting you closer to making your final choice.