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This PhenQ review provides an overview of one of the most complete slimming products currently available. The diet pill segment offers many choices and the fact they address fat loss in different ways makes choosing the right one even harder for consumers.

Some products are designed to help you slim down by boosting your metabolism while some suppress your appetite or raise your energy levels with the intent of burning off fat through increased activity. Each one has their pros and cons depending on your goals and lifestyle.

What makes PhenQ a standout among its peers is that it’s one of the few, if not the only one, whose approach is to combine the power of multiple strategies into just one product. You no longer have to wonder which approach works best for you since this pill covers them all.

PhenQ Benefits

PhenQ is a unique slimming product because it’s formulation is designed to address weight reduction in 5 different ways.

  1. Burns Fat: eliminating existing fatty deposits occurs faster if your metabolism is high. PhenQ speeds up your metabolic rate and converts your body into a fat-burning furnace.
  2. Stops Fat Production: your efforts will be wasted if you’re gaining fat as fast as you’re burning it off. Specific ingredients known to inhibit the production of lipids were included in this formula.
  3. Suppresses Appetite: no one likes to constantly feel hungry and have one moment of weakness erase weeks of effort. The inclusion of a powerful appetite suppressor makes it easy to control your food cravings.
  4. Energy Booster: dieting can cause your energy levels to dip which can cause your metabolism to slow down. PhenQ uses a mix of ingredients whose purpose is to keep your batteries charged and metabolic rate at its peak.
  5. Mood Enhancer: the discipline required to slim down can affect your mood over time. This diet aid’s mood enhancing properties help to keep you on an even keel so you can enjoy the journey leading to your weight loss objectives.

PhenQ Results

Though some of the ingredients it contains can be found in other diet products, combining them in the right proportion with other secret ingredients is what makes it far more effective than any other diet product on the market.

These claims are not simply a matter of opinion since the results obtained from taking PhenQ have been clinically proven and measured. The a-Lacys Reset formula is trademarked and has shown the ability to decrease body weight and fat while increasing your muscle mass.

In a double blind study, participants lost 7.24% more fat and 3.44% more bodyweight than those who took a placebo. Most significant is that during the same period they also managed to increase their muscle mass by 3.80%, something that is usually hard to do when trying to lose weight.

Taking PhenQ couldn’t be easier since it only requires you to take 2 pills a day, one with breakfast and the other with lunch. Since it does contain some caffeine, it is recommended that those sensitive to this stimulant avoid taking it after 3pm.

PhenQ Ingredients

The main active ingredients found in PhenQ are all-natural which is a big plus in preventing most of the side effects commonly associated with many other drug based diet pill alternatives. Below is a list of those ingredients with a brief description of their purpose.

  • Capsimax Powder:  the fat blasting effect of this powder comes from a blend of capsicum, caffeine, piperine and vitamin B3. Both capsicum and piperine are renowned for their ability to increase thermogenisis to help your body burn more fat.
  • Calcium Carbonate: while we tend to associate it with having healthy bones, it also helps to maintain healthy body weight. Studies have shown it encourages cells to decrease fat storage while burning fat reserves that already exist. In a 6 month study, individuals who took a high calcium supplement lost more weight than the control group.
  • Chromium Piccolinate: when eating carb-rich foods, they are converted to sugar that is carried through the bloodtream to be stored in cells for future energy use. Chromium helps maximize the cell intake of these sugars and by doing so makes it more likely you’ll experience fewer food cravings.
  • Caffeine: a well known stimulant, it helps you to remain alert and focused while reducing fatigue. It also helps to stave off hunger, burn more fat through improved thermogenesis, and maximize exercise results through improved performance.
  • Nopal: the high fibre in Nopal cactus helps you control your appetite. It’s high amino acid content also delivers more energy and it helps to reduce weight by flushing excess fluid buildup in your tissues.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate: most commonly found in red meats, green vegetables and nuts, it helps to facilitate the conversion of stored fat into energy. This means you won’t simply burn off fat but also be less susceptible to the fatigue commonly experienced while dieting.


PhenQ is arguably one of the most complete and effective diet pills on the market and its solid reputation is growing quickly. In the end, results tell the real story and below is a small sample of the many testimonials received from satisfies users.

PhenQ Testimonials

Real Life Results of My Friend Cindy

Hello I’m Cindy! I thought it might be helpful if wrote an honest review of PhenQ and the results I got from using it. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of what it can do for you.

I started out being overweight and generally unhealthy.I ate way too much and always lacked energy. In short, I felt lousy most of the time. My attempts to lose weight go back many years and then I discovered PhenQ. It increased my energy levels so I could exercise more and diminished my cravings so I was able to stop overeating and reduce snacks by 90%.

I took it for about 3 months while exercising 25 minutes daily while also doing the Insanity routine which allowed me to drop weight at a quicker pace than I ever expected. Trust me, it works. Though I started off as a skeptic, I soon became a believer. I highly recommend it because I know from personal experience what it did for me.

How I Lost 48 lbs in 12 Weeks with PhenQ

What is the matter with me and why can’t I control my cravings? Those are the thoughts that would enter my mind after polishing off a hamburger and a whole package of cookies. During the past week I had done so well sticking to my diet that I was able to lose 4 pounds. Then one evening, out of the blue, I was sitting in front of the television when an uncontrollable urge to eat suddenly hit me.

Once I started I simply couldn’t stop. In no time the diet went by the wayside and it seemed like I ate everything I could get my hands on. It feels like every attempt at dieting ends in failure as I end up weighing more than when I began.

This is a weight loss cycle I’ve been through many times. I think I tried at least 10 different exercise programs and 20 diet plans. I always found them difficult to follow because I’m always left feeling hungry and lacking energy. Constantly lacking energy made it hard to exercise with consistency.

Being unhealthy and looking fat took away my self-confidence and zest for life. Then one particular night I was browsing the internet and came across a dieting forum on which someone recommended taking PhenQ so I decided to look into it. As usual I was skeptical but after reading some detailed comments about the benefits it started sounding like what I was looking for. The official site said that it could:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Burn away fat
  • Suppress your appetite

I figured that if it was able to do this, it could be what I was looking for. I decided to start off buying one bottle. Didn’t want to invest money in too many bottles in case it didn’t work.

Some time later, on a Monday morning, I received my first order. It wasn’t long before I took some after opening the box it came in. My expectations were low that anything would happen but no more than 15 minutes later I began feeling more energetic while washing the dishes.

Suddenly I felt like I had much more energy. It was a great feeling. During the next few hours I was able to do all my housework faster than I ever had. After finishing up I even had the motivation to exercise and took out the treadmill that had been gathering dust for a few years.

Many hours went by before it occurred to me that I hadn’t even thought about food all this time. After I was done exercising I headed to the shower which was followed by eating only a few pieces of fruit to satisfy my hunger. I was surprised by how effective PhenQ seemed to be. In a short time I went from being skeptic to being impressed by this product. And that’s the way it all began for me!

During the following month I continued taking PhenQ daily, and with the added it energy it gave me, also began exercising daily. Typically I would do so for about 20 to 30 minutes. Often I would use my old treadmill but every so often I’d do a workout I found on Youtube. In the past I was always lacking the energy needed to exercise before discovering PhenQ. Besides that it helped me curb my urge to constantly snack.

During the course of that month I hardly snacked and whenever I did it was usually fruit. I tried my best to eat healthier especially around dinner time. For breakfast I’d have oats or muesli while dinner usually included fish or chicken with lots of vegetables. It didn’t stop me from having some of my favorite foods now and again with pizza and lasagna being my favorites. That wasn’t a problem because my overall food consumption was down including snacks.

Something else that was noticeable is that my mood improved when on PhenQ since I felt more energized instead of feeling lethargic. My first month flew by and at that point I was curious to see how much I weighed. I was aware that I had lost a few pounds but avoided the scales for an entire month because I was hoping for a more impressive result.

People around me kept telling me that I looked better. At that point even my face appeared to be thinner and it was obvious I had dropped some serious weight. Once I stepped onto the scale I was shocked to realize I now weighed 18 pounds less! I wasn’t just happy that I’d lost the weight but also how relatively easy it had been. After years of struggle I had discovered something that actually worked for me.

My little experiment having worked, I decided to place another order since I needed to lose more weight and took advantage of their “Buy 2 – Get 1 Free” promotion. For the 2 months that followed I simply continued the same regimen. Taking PhenQ daily while exercising 20 to 30 minutes helped me to continue losing weight with consistency.

Fast forward another 2 months and I had dropped an additional 30 pounds. That means that I had lost a grand total of 48 pounds over my first 3 months! It ended up completely changing my life. I began wearing sexy clothes once again. With more confidence to socialize more I became happier. I felt healthier than I ever had which improved my overall quality of life.

With complete honesty I can say PhenQ definitely works and highly recommend it if you want to lose weight. If you’re serious about losing weight while feeling more energetic, check it out at the official website. I’d like to make it clear that have no financial incentive for doing so and only recommend PhenQ because I know from personal experience how well it has worked for me.

Bottom line is I was able to get rid of 48 unwanted pounds over the 3 months I used it. It means that on average I lost 16 pounds each month without it being especially difficult. Like I said before, just taking my PhenQ as required while exercising regularly while not overeating and controlling my snacks is all it took.

Though I was proud of myself I know that exercising a bit more while reducing my calories would have delivered even better results. I still feel like I’m not exactly where I want to be and would benefit from losing a few more pounds but that’ll come in time. There are many benefits that come from losing excess weight. Below are some of things I’ve noticed since slimming down.

  • I now look and feel younger
  • I’m also more relaxed and feel happier
  • My energy level is higher than it’s ever been
  • My self-confidence has improved my social interactions
  • My hair is shinier and skin smoother
  • My new attitude makes me more respected in the workplace
  • I’m less self conscious during my social interactions
  • Since I feel better about myself, I take more pride in the way I look

In general, since losing weight with PhenQ my quality of life has improved dramatically. I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who takes it while exercising regularly can expect similar results. Compared to everything else I tried before, this is the only one that really worked.

After my first order of PhenQ arrived I was still skeptical but still felt like I should give it an honest try. It wasn’t 10 minutes after taking it that I could already feel something. It definitely perked me up and gave me more energy. I hadn’t felt this awake and lucid in a long time. The boost in energy you get lasts about 2 to 3 hours before tapering off.

Then I noticed that my food cravings seem to be under control for 3 to 4 hours. It’s to the point where I don’t even feel hungry and not even interested if food is offered to me. Then when I eventually eat I don’t seem to need as much food to feel satisfied. In my case this is unusual because before taking PhenQ it felt like a bottomless pit.

Reliability is another important big plus because when I take it regularly the results are consistent.You can always rely on it to work as long as you don’t forget to take it. I decided to offer PhenQ to other people I know. My sister, mother, father and best friend Sophie tried it and all of them got similar results which leads me to believe that it will work for pretty much anyone who wants to lose weight.

Now let’s look at the Pros vs the Cons

The Cons to start off

Try not to take PhenQ in the evening – On a particular day I took it at around 10pm since I had forgotten to do so during lunch. That same night I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am due to the stimulants the pill contains. Not exactly the smartest move on my part. If you’re thinking of taking PhenQ before working out in the evening, you should definitely reconsider unless you don’t mind being awake all night. Taking it after 6pm is not recommended if you want to sleep normally.

Headaches – From time to time taking PhenQ gave me headaches. A possible reason is that snacking less brings down my blood sugar levels too low. Taking a few Aspirins was usually enough to make me feel better. I should point out that I’m already prone to getting headaches and therefore can’t say with certainty that PhenQ is responsible.

After using PhenQ? – The makers don’t make suggestions as how to remain slim after losing weight. I believe many people will get good results using it only to gain most of it back after they stop. I’ve come across a good way to keep the weight from coming back which I’ll discuss in the “Keep Your Weight Off” section further down.

Now for the Pros

It suppresses your appetite – I mostly gained my unwanted pounds from working at a desk all day while constantly snacking. It wasn’t long after taking PhenQ that I noticed an almost immediate decrease in my craving for snacks. Taking it before breakfast would keep my hunger under control for many hours.Thoughts about food didn’t even cross my mind. It felt as if the part of my brain that was constantly telling me I was hungry and to have a snack completely shut off.

Later on at lunch I would have my second PhenQ pill and not be hungry until it was time for dinner. In short, after I began taking my pills twice a day, I no longer felt hungry which helped me to stop snacking. Doing so helped to reduce the number of calories I was consuming and likely the main reason for my significant weight loss.

Extra energy – Usually around 10 to 15 minutes after I take them, I notice feeling more perked up, energetic, and alert. Energetic is not a word people I know would use to describe me yet after my energy level soars and lasts for hours after I take my pills. Curbing my snacking habits has raised my energy levels and made me more productive at work.

The additional energy I have makes it easier to exercise regularly which no doubt contributes to burning calories even faster. From doing no exercise at all I’m now up to 25 minutes a day. In the past I never had this much energy which is another illustration of how powerful PhenQ is. One would think that consuming fewer calories would have drained me of energy but the opposite happened.

It’a a Fat Burner – What matters most is that lives up to its main purpose of being an effective fat burner and it certainly does. It doesn’t take long to feel its effect after taking it and the impressive amount of weight I lost with it shows how powerful it is at burning fat.

Can Be Used By Anyone – Some workout programs I tried are simply just too difficult and complicated for the average person. I simply lack the time to spend countless hours working out and preparing special meals every day.

I prefer the fact that simply taking PhenQ once in the morning and then during lunch is all I need to do to control my appetite and be full of energy. That energy then makes it easier to exercise at least a little which only helps to accelerate results. That being said, I honestly believe that it’s so effective at burning fat and helping you control your appetite that it would work even without exercise.

It Actually Works – Even when putting aside all of the additional benefits it offers, the main reason for liking it is that it works. I tried many different diets and programs to get slimmer but only PhenQ was able to deliver the results I was looking for.

Moneyback Guarantee – Honestly, even though I should it’s not something that I usually pay attention to. Considering how good my results were using these pills it never really crossed my mind. That being said, the official site does mention that you have 60 days to get a full refund if you aren’t entirely satisfied.

PhenQ isn’t free but I quickly realized that PhenQ is costing me less than all of the snacks I used to have. During the course of a typical month I used to spend more money on my junk food snacks than what I’m currently spending on these pills.

Fat Burning Dynamo

Though PhenQ is very effective when taken by itself, I’d like to share a strategy that will lead to better results more quickly. I execute this routine just 1 or 2 times per week but every time I do the fat burning effect is pretty amazing. I refer to it as my Fat Burning Dynamo system. Don’t worry, it’s actually quite simple.

Upon waking up you take PhenQ and avoid eating anything for the moment. Doing so will keep you energized and prevent you from having cravings before lunch. Rather than eating when you get to lunch, take your 2nd daily PhenQ pill and after waiting 30 minutes for it to be absorbed exercise for 30 to 60 minutes.

Exercising when your stomach is empty means that your body is forced to use stored fat as an energy source instead of the food you just ate. Using PhenQ in this way will give you the energy you need to exercise and allow you to burn fat at a faster rate.

Post exercise and after you’ve showered it’s a good idea to have a bit of fruit. You can then push your normal lunch and dinner times a little forward to make it all work. Take my word for it, you won’t believe the results you get from this Fat Burning Dynamo routine. Do the following:

  1. After waking up take your first dose of PhenQ
  2. Avoid eating anything and take your 2nd dose around lunch
  3. Before ingesting any food perform 30 minutes of exercise

No matter what exercise you choose, you’ll find yourself burning fat like never before. I personally use an old treadmill but any of the following will do:

  • Go running
  • Go swimming
  • Train with weights
  • Perform Jumping Jacks
  • Do Shadow Boxing
  • Do some pushups

Basically, anything that will keep your heart rate elevated for 30 minutes will work.

Eating as healthy as you can is also something I recommend. The biggest problem that PhenQ helped me to curb was having unhealthy snacks. Nowadays I prefer eating:

  • Nuts and oats with fruit for breakfast
  • A sandwich with a side of fruit at lunch
  • Fish with a side of vegetables is a good dinner choice but doesn’t stop me from having personal favorites pizza and pasta now and then.

In short, eat healthy and try the Fat Burning Dynamo routine which is simply amazing to burn fat quickly. Attention: Perform the Fat Burning Dynamo only a couple of times a week because its intensity will burn you out if done too often.


There are other questions you may have concerning PhenQ and, as someone who has used it myself, will try to answer some of the most ones that are asked most often.

Can it be used by both women and men? That would be a definite yes. Having read positive testimonials from both women and men, there is no doubt that it can help anyone lose weight. Not everyone reacts to it the same way, regardless of gender, but if used as prescribed it will work for anyone.

How many pounds can you expect to lose? Personally, my average was about 16 pounds every month but I’m confident that exercising more than my usual 25 minutes while being more careful about my calorie intake would have led to even better results. My opinion is that losing anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds every month is realistic.

Will PhenQ work even if I don’t exercise? The fact it raised my energy level as much as it did motivated me to add some exercise. There is no doubt that adding exercise to your regimen will speed up your weight loss but understand that you will still get results if you don’t.

Just the fact it helps to control your appetite is an important factor. It’s pretty obvious that you will end up losing weight by eating less. In addition it’s also a fat burning pill that can burn off 250 more calories daily with its thermogenic properties. I recommend exercising to get quicker results but if it isn’t possible I’m confident you can still reach your weight loss goals without it.

Would it work for me? All of those who have followed my advice and used PhenQ have reported the same appetite suppression and energy boosting effects. Over time it has worked so well for me that I believe it will do the same for anyone. Yes, it should work for you just as well.

Can bodybuilders benefit from it? It’s very hard for bodybuilders to lower their body fat percentage to get cut. It’s hard to have the self-control necessary to control your cravings when trying to get your body fat to such low levels. No doubt I feel PhenQ would be helpful because its ability to provide energy while suppressing your appetite while burning fat is perfect for bodybuilders.

What kinds of foods should I eat? I really don’t like to follow strict diets. From the time I began taking PhenQ, I just don’t eat or snack as much anymore. Just try to be sensible when making food choices. Try to focus on fruits, vegetables and lean proteins like fish but don’t get too obsessed either. I still have my favorite meals now and then but the key is not to overdo it. If you make healthy choices 80-90% of the time, you’ll be fine.

Is there any regimen I need to follow after losing the weight? I don’t want to fall back into bad habits. Obviously, it’s pointless and discouraging to shed unwanted pounds only to gain them back later on. The section below tells you how to keep it off after losing it.

If you have any futher questions don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to give you an answer.

Keeping The Weight Off After PhenQ

No doubt that keeping the weight off after you’ve worked hard to lose it is one of the most important things for you to know. It isn’t often talked about but just as important as losing the weight in the first place.

Since reaching my desired weight loss objectives I maintain them by performing 1 or 2 times a week the Fat Burning Dynamo routine discussed earlier. I only take PhenQ on those 1 or 2 days per week when I do the Fat Burning Dynamo routine. It means that a bottle that would last me one month now lasts up to 4 months. Since doing this I’ve pretty much stayed within just a few pounds of my ideal weight range.

Feeling more energy after losing my excess weight means I’m now more active than I used to be. For that reason I no longer need to take PhenQ daily and haven’t gained back any extra weight as long as I do my Fat Burning Dynamo routine a few times a week. I hope this is helpful.

PhenQ Results – Before and After Pics

It can be inspiring to see the success stories of other users. Though PhenQ is a relatively new product, satisfied users have already posted pics showing off their remarkable results.

These are mine.


And those from others.




Is PhenQ For Me?

If you want to maximize your weight loss efforts, the answer is yes. Most of us have tried many different workout programs and diet pills with limited success. What it comes down to is choosing a system that works and sticking to it. It has proven to be one of the best pills on the market but it isn’t a miracle either. My 36 pound came a few pounds at a time each week. You need to be patient and persistent.

That being said, if you are serious and determined, then PhenQ is the ideal choice. With more energy and reduced cravings, it will be easy for you to be more active and eat less. It will help you reach your goals if you stick with it. If you’ve been disappointed in the past by diet pills that failed to deliver on their promises, then give PhenQ a try.

Stay focused and should you have any further questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it. Nothing inspires me as much as reading other people’s success stories so don’t be shy about sharing them with us. Once again, I only recommend it because of my own positive experience using it. I receive no financial incentive for reviewing this product. All I know is that it works! Good luck.


For most people losing weight is difficult so it makes sense to make that journey easier and more successful if at all possible. Obviously, if you’re going to put forth your best effort to reach your goals, you want to achieve the best possible results for the effort you invest.

PhenQ was specifically created with the purpose of maximizing weight reduction while making the entire process easier. Not only does it accelerate fat loss better than any other product, but it also alleviates much of the discomfort and stress that comes from constantly feeling hungry.

The manufacturer is so confident you’ll be satisfied with their product that they offer a full 60 day moneyback guarantee just for trying it. This gives you more than enough time to see if it lives up to its claims all while knowing you will get a complete refund if it doesn’t. Click on the yellow button below the access the official PhenQ website.