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Prime Male is a product designed to help guys suffering from low-T. It is typical for testosterone levels to begin declining in men from the age of 30 going forward at a rate of about 1% per year. Though this may not seem significant, a decade or two down the line the effect is clearly noticeable.

Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to be effective during clinical studies but unfortunately the cost is a major prohibitive factor as are the side effects. Introducing a foreign source of testosterone into your body is known to increase the risk of developing sleep apnea, acne, non-cancerous growth of the prostate, enlarged breasts and blood clots.

By contrast, a low-T booster doesn’t introduce testosterone into your system but helps to stimulate your body’s ability to produce more of its own. Since the blend of ingredients it contains are all of natural source, users can enjoy the benefits of using it without having to worry about negative health risks.

Benefits of Prime Male

Maintaining adequate levels of testosterone is essential in helping men remain vibrant and healthy. Lower levels of this male hormone can trigger fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, depression, brittle bones, high blood sugar, a diminished libido, and even cardiovascular problems. Prime Male allows you to restore the hormone levels you had 10 or even 20 years ago in just a matter of weeks.

Below is a list of the key benefits you can expect from taking Prime Male on a regular basis:

  1. Extra Energy
  2. Easier Weight Loss
  3. Greater Strength
  4. Positive Mood
  5. Stronger Bones
  6. Heightened Libido
  7. Improved Cardiovascular
  8. Decreased Blood Pressure
  9. Prostate Health
  10. Blood Sugar Control
  11. Healthier Skin
  12. Enhanced Brain Function

Of course, the degree to which you experience those benefits can be further enhanced by working out and eating a balanced diet. That being said, it isn’t required and simply just taking Prime Male on its own is enough to reclaim the testosterone levels you had when you were in your prime.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Getting the body to produce more of the hormones we need is always preferable to resorting to foreign substances and drugs. The same is true when the aim is to increase testosterone levels in your body and 3 main obstacles must be addressed to allow this to happen.

Luteinizing Hormone (LH): the presence of luteinizing hormone has been shown to increase the production of testosterone. For this reason, it is crucial that the hypothalamus recieve the signal to release the LH that is required. The D-AA-CC amino acid found in Prime Male has attacks this problem and in a study of 23 men between the ages of 27 and 37 improved testosterone levels by 42% on average.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG): more important than the amount of male hormones in your body is the amount that is freely available. SHBG molecules bind to testosterone to make it biologically inactive. This problem is countered by the presence of Nettle Root which binds to SHBG, Magnesium which reduces the amount in your bloodstream, and Boron which decreases the concentration of SHBG in your blood.

Prolactin and Estrogen: these female hormones are naturally occurring in the male body. However, when their concentration is too high they have the effect of lowering testosterone levels. A study has shown that Boron reduced the presence of Estrogen by as much as 39% in only a week. The Prime Male formula includes Boron and Luteolin to reduce estrogen levels and Mucana Pruriens which is known to reduce prolactin levels.

Taking Prime Male couldn’t be easier and only requires that you take 1 capsule 4 times a day with a meal or snack. Since they contain 120 capsules, each bottle will therefore last you 30 days. It’s completely safe to consume since the ingredients are of high quality, contain no synthetic compounds, and the pills manufactured in FDA approved facilities.


When evaluating testosterone boosters it’s important to realize that the length of the ingredients list doesn’t tell the whole story. Some products contain ingredients that aren’t essential while others contain T-boosting compounds in doses that are too small to have a significant effect.

Only Prime Male includes 12 ingredients, blended in the optimal dosage, that have been clinically tested and proven to increase testosterone levels. Below is a description of each one of those main ingredients and its function.

D-AA-CC (D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate): this amino acid triggers the release of luteinizing hormone which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testes. In a clinical trial where men took slightly more than 3 grams per day, testosterone levels rose by a whopping 42% in just 12 days.

Bioperine: the purpose of this nutrient is to increase the absorption rate of other essential ingredients. Studies revealed that its presence increased the bioavailability of ingredients by a factor of 20.

Boron: it affects hormones, blood plasma, inflammation, bone health and brain function. In the course of a study where men were given 10 mg per day for a wekk, , free testosterone increased by 28% while estrogen levels dipped 39%.

Red Ginseng: for hundreds of years has been used to boost the immune system, increase life span and raise energy levels. In a double-blind Korean study, participants showed a marked improvement in sexual satisfaction, performance, and erection quality.

Luteolin: after screening 1,431 different natural compounds, Chinese researchers concluded that citrus flavonoid luteolin was the most effective at inhibiting the production of estrogen while at the same time stimulating the production of androgens required to create more testosterone.

Magnesium: about 60% of all testosterone is bound by SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which makes it unavailable for use. Magnesium reduces the amount of SHBG which makes more “free” testosterone available to the body. Selchuk University researchers found that daily doses of 10mg per day for 4 weeks significantly increased male hormone levels.

Mucuna Pruriens: high concentrations of prolactin and estrogen female hormones can lower male testosterone levels. Mucuna pruriens works to reduce levels of prolactin so less testosterone is depleted. In one study taking 5g per day caused a 27.3% increase in testosterone levels.

Nettle Root: more than 50% of the body’s testosterone is bound by the protein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Compounds in the Nettle root can bind to SHBG in its place, thus allowing more testosterone to be available. Nettles has also demonstrated the ability to lower levels of estrogen, which is another to raise the levels of male hormones.

Vitamin B6: Androgen is a precursor of testosterone and vitamin B6 has the ability to prompt androgen receptors to signal the testes to begin releasing more testosterone into the bloodstream. In an animal study, lab rats a vitmain B6 free diet for one month had a 74.5% decrease in their levels of testosterone.

Vitamin D3: it’s so crucial to health that it is one of the 24 compounds that are considered essential for survival. The problem is its production is triggered by sunlight which most people don’t get enough exposure to. Multiple studies have found that higher levels of vitamin D3 are associated with higher levels of testosterone.

Vitamin K2: it enables vitamin D3 to be more effective though it also boosts testosterone production by itself. It increases these levels by stimulating specific enzymes found in the testicles. In a Japanese study, lab rats given vitamin K2 experienced a 50% rise in testosterone when compared to those who hadn’t.

Zinc: low levels of this mineral prevents the adequate release of the luteinizing hormone that is required to stimulate testosterone production. In one study where 4 men in their late 20s had their zinc intake restricted, testosterone levels dropped almost 73% over a period of 20 weeks.


The opinions of real users is always a good indication of how trustworthy a product really is. Prime Male is not only endorsed by average folks like you and I but even by former pro athletes such as football great Andre Reed who, as you will see in the video below, looks pretty good for someone over 50.

These are some of the many written testimonies sent in by satisfied users who wanted to share their successful results using Prime Male.

“I have been using Prime Male as a supplement to my regular diet for just over six weeks now and I can really feel the difference. I’m pushing 40 now but now even after just six weeks of taking this stuff I feel 10 years younger. Thank you for creating an amazing product. You have gained a customer for life.”  Phil, UK

“I have been using prime male now for 5 weeks. I have lost 20 lbs since starting Prime Male. But I would have to say I am happiest about my stamina and my libido returning. It’s like I am 30 again. This product is unbelievable! I am a Prime Male Customer for life.”  Ron, USA

“I’ve got my first Prime male bottle as a gift, quickly fell in love with this product, and soon enough I’ve ordered a new bottle. My energy level is awesome, feeling stronger and I’m lifting more heavier weights then ever. Love this product and will be a customer for a long time! “Thanks Prime male!!” Andrej, Croatia


What makes Prime Male different from other testosterone boosters is that every main active ingredient it contains has been proven to be effective in raising low-T levels in men. This is a claim that very few other products, if any, can make.

The good news is that you can try it at no risk since it comes with a full 90 Day moneyback guarantee. This is more than enough time to give it an honest try to see if it works for you. Click on the yellow button below to be taken to the official Prime Male website.