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Sizegenetics is a male enhancement device commonly known to as a penis extender or stretcher. This method of penile enlargement has gained popularity over the past few years since it’s one of the few that actually works. While many other products in this segment make enticing claims they can’t deliver on (like gaining 3″ in a week), extenders offer a legitimate solution for men who are realistic and motivated to get bigger.

sizegenetics systemThough there are many other comparable devices on the market, Sizegenetics is widely recognized as the best of its kind, the Rolls Royce of extenders. It isn’t some flimsy product that is manufactured in China but one that was developed by scientists in the US and Denmark. The degree of traction produced by an extender has a direct impact on the results you can expect. The Sizegenetics extender is the only one to sport 2,800 grams of tension, far more than any competitor, which leads to more impressive results faster.

No matter what aspect or feature you wish to compare, the Sizegenetics extender has no equal within the category of conventional extenders (the ones with rigid metal rods). Below is a list of advantages that come from choosing this extender.

  • Greater tension up to 2,800 grams
  • Medically proven to work
  • Device offering biggest potential length gains
  • More comfortable than other rod extenders
  • Recommended by physicians
  • Quality design and construction
  • 6 month moneyback guarantee

It is well known that the level of success achieved through the use of an extender is dependent on the amount of time it is used. Truth is that an extender has to be worn many hours a day to produce significant results so one of the most important factors for any extender is how comfortable it is to use. The problem is that those that aren’t comfortable tend to be VERY uncomfortable and in some cases outright dangerous. The stretching tension is not the problem here but the way the device is attached to the penis is.

Traditional extenders with an older design typically use a thin plastic noose that pulls the shaft forward after being secured below the glands. The problem here was that if the noose isn’t tight enough it can just slip off, but if it’s was too tight it will cut off blood circulation. To keep it from slipping off most men will end up putting it on too tight which not only leads to discomfort but forces them to remove it often to restore blood flow.

sizegenetics extender

Understanding the importance of comfort Sizegenetics redesigned older methods of securing the penis while coming up with new ones. These efforts led to the introduction of a unique comfort system that gives users a selection of 58 different fastening methods and angles. Due to variances in anatomy, different men will have their own preferences as to what feels most comfortable and the reason why Sizegenetics wanted to give men so many options.

How Does it Work?

Sizegenetics works by relying on the principle of traction to enlarge your manhood. It consists in applying a constant level of tension to promote “cytokinesis” which is a process that causes cells to split and multiply. These new cells become the foundation of the new tissue required to give you additional length. This concept is not new and has been used for years by doctors to stretch the limbs of patients with stunted growth.

Compare it to a bodybuilder training to gain size. He trains and stretches his muscles by progressively increasing his weights over time. Doing so creates small tears in muscle tissue which the body then works to repair. It does so by creating more cells which are then used to heal the muscle in a way that makes it firmer, larger, and able to hold more blood. Penis stretching devices function in a similar manner.

When Sizegenetics is attached to your penis, it provides a gentle but constant tension that causes cells within the Corpora Cavernosa to split. The effect is painless but over time causes your penis to get bigger just as any other muscle in your body would when it is trained. Being able to increase the tension all the way up to 2,800 grams means you have a definite advantage to get bigger in less time when compared to other extenders which, for the most part, max out at around 2,000 grams.

How to Use It

Using the Sizegenetics isn’t complicated and will certainly get easier with time once you get used to it. With experience you will find it easy to slip on under a minute, usually in less than 30 seconds. Follow the step below to put it on in the proper way.

  1. Select the semi-erect option
  2. Slide your penis into the opening of white plastic ring that rests at the base of the shaft
  3. Make sure that the penis and extender are positioned at the proper angle relative to each other
  4. Push the device in a way that pushes the plastic base flush against the pubic area
  5. Strap the noose, comfort strap or other attachment option of your choice below the glands
  6. After it’s secure and in the correct position, let the extender expand. You will feel a slight tug as the springs stretch out your penis.

Sizegenetics Results

If a user has already made significant gains in the past, much of his potential has already been spent so expecting to gain an additional 2″ would be unrealistic. That being said, if you’re a beginner and use Sizegenetics as prescribed, then gains of 2″ and beyond are not out of the question. Male enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint, and the gains you make are proportional to the amount of time you spend using it. The graph below gives a good indications of the results you can expect.

Penis Growth Chart

Length is usually the main dimension that men are concerned about when talking about penis enlargement. In that respect Sizegenetics, and extenders in general are ideal because their inherent design, which stretches the penis forward, is intended to maximize that aspect of growth. That being said, you will still experience gains in girth but just understand that increasing this measurement is not an extender’s strong suit. If you’re more concerned about increasing your girth and the size of your penis head, a hydropump like the Bathmate is more effective.

My Results

Gains may be temporary at first but, just like when training with weights at the gym, will become permanent over time. After 1 month of use I had already gained 0.5″ in length which isn’t bad for such a short time

It took me a full 6 months to extend those gains to 1 inch and 12 months to make it all the way to 1.8″. Considering I started out at 5″, that was one hell of an improvement on a percentage basis.

Gains do stick but I noticed that I will shrink down to 1.4″ in gains if I don’t use my Sizegenetics for a few weeks. Once you’ve reached your goal you don’t have to use it as much but you should now and then to maintain your gains.

Note that during the entire process I wearing the device approximately 5 hours a day at least 5 days per week. If you’re committed and consistent, this device will definitely reward you with good results.

Workout Routine (for beginners)

Week 1

During the course of your first week, try wearing your Sizegenetics while naked so you can have immediate feedback on how your penis is reacting. It will be easier to notice quickly if it’s on too tight and restricting blood flow. Use the lowest tension setting to begin.

Day-1 : low tension, 4 x 15 mins
Day-2 : rest
Day-3 : low tension, 4 x 20 mins
Day-4 : rest
Day-5 : low tension, 4 x 30 mins
Day-6 : rest
Day-7 : rest

Week 2

At this point you can begin to increase the tension by by adjusting the bars of your Sizegenetics to the moderate setting. It’s subjective but the key is that you should be able to wear it for 40 minutes with no pain.

Day-8 : medium tension, 4 x 45 min
Day-9 : medium tension, 4 x 1 hour
Day-10 : rest
Day-11 : medium tension, 3 x (1 hour + 30 min)
Day-12 : medium tension, 3 x (1 hour + 45 min)
Day-13 : medium tension, 3 x 2 hours
Day-14 : medium tension, 3 x (2 hours + 20 min)

Week 3

Now that you have become accustomed to the level of tension feels right for you, you can continue using your Sizegenetics extender at the moderate setting or increase it gradually going forward. Just don’t overdo it and lower it if it starts to feel uncomfortable.

Day-15 : 3 x (2 hours + 40 min)
Day-16 : rest
Day-17 : 2 x 4 hours and 1 x 1 hour
Day-18 : 2 x 4 hours and 1 x 2 hours
Day-19 : rest
Day-20 : rest
Day-21 : 2 x 5 hours and 1 x 1 hour

Week 4

Day-22 : 2 x 5 hours and 1 x 2 hours
Day-23 : 2 x 6 hours
Day-24 : 1  x (7 hours + 30 mins) and 1 x (4 hours + 30 mins)
Day-25 : 1 x 9 hours and 1 x 3 hours
Day-26 : 1 x 12 hours
Day-27 : rest
Day-28 : rest

After working up to that point over a period of 4 weeks, it should now be easier for you to wear your Sizegenetics extender for just 1 session to meet your daily usage quota without needing a break (except for when you have to go to the restroom of course). By now, your penis should be used to the device and not get sore as it did when you started. Use your judgment when raising the tension higher and choose a point that feels right without causing discomfort or impeding circulation.

Sizegenetics vs Phallosan Forte

As mentioned thus far, the Sizegenetics extender is the most effective and comfortable device of its kind when compared to other metal rod extenders. However, other extenders on the market have innovative designs that are just as effective while surpassing it comfortwise. The best one that comes to mind is the Phallosan Forte which is not just more comfortable but also allows users to wear it discreetly under clothing and while sleeping which is a huge advantage. You can read my Phallosan Forte review here.

phallosan system

The unique way in which it secures the penis is what makes it so comfortable. Instead of strapping the penis down with an attachment that causes pressure points, it applies vacuum suction over the penis head instead (via the use of a plastic bell and condom). The suction bell is then hooked to a belt secured around the waist and the tension controlled by the loosening or tightening of a color-coded tension gauge. It is so comfortable that many users claim to forget they are even wearing it. It’s difficult to explain in words how it works so please watch the video below for a clearer description.

Sizegenetics vs Bathmate

The Bathmate is another popular male enhancement device that is known as a hydropump. Though it has the same purpose and relies on the same medical principle to induce growth, Cytokinesis, the way it goes about it is completely different. Instead of pulling on tissues like an extender it uses vacuum pressure, in the form of a water-filled vacuum pump, to expand tissues. One of the benefits of this method is that since all tissues inside the pump are subjected to the same pressure variances, all aspects of penile size that include length, girth and the size of the penis head will be affected. Read this review for more information about the Bathmate.

bathmate x30

For this reason a hydropump like the Bathmate is often the top recommendation for those who are more concerned about gaining girth than length. Sizegenetics also improves girth but it simply isn’t designed to maximize that aspect of growth. Conversely, the Bathmate will also give you some gains in length though it is more effective at increasing girth and penis head size. In the end, it really all depends what aspect of penis growth matters to you most. Obviously, using both devices concurrently is the best option for best overall growth. It should be mentioned that a hydropump requires only 15 minute workout sessions which is another major advantage it has over extenders.

Sizegenetics vs Surgery

Surgery to enlarge the penis can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $17,000. This reason alone is enough to give pause to those who might be tempted by this option. The only benefit it offers other methods is the immediacy of results. Problem is that the outcome is usually less than satisfactory with most patients expressing dissatisfaction with the results. They tend to not look normal and the typical scarring that is unavoidable with any operation doesn’t enhance the aesthetic outcome either. Also, as with any operation there is a recovery period which, for this type of surgery, can last up to 6 weeks. Bottom line is there’s always an inherent risk with any medical procedure and the last thing any man should do is put their virility at risk.

expensive surgery

Peyronie’s Disease or Bent Penis Syndrome

A condition known as Peyronie’s Disease refers to an abnormal curvature of the penis that not only affects its appearance but may also be the cause of discomfort and, in some extreme cases, make it almost impossible to have sex. The limitations that arise from this issue aren’t just physical and can quickly start to affect a man’s self-esteem and confidence. Though Sizegenetics was primarily designed with the intent of increasing penis size it has also shown a propensity for helping men afflicted by this medical condition. It may not always work, especially in severe cases when the penis is bent at almost a 90 degree angle, but for milder cases it has shown a high level of success among users.

Many devices in the penis enlargement category make bold claims they can’t substantiate. This isn’t the case with Sizegenetics which has been the subject of numerous independent studies that have proven, without a doubt, that it is effective at extending penis length. As a medical Type 1 devices that is approved by the FDA, it is manufactured under the most stringent standards using only materials that are medical grade. Besides meaning that it’s a well-made, durable product, you can rely on it to offer you superior performance while being completely safe to use. The many endorsement it has garnered from reputed doctors attests to the enviable reputation this extender has attained over the years.


Honest feedback from actual users is sometimes the best way to assess how good a product is. Sizegenetics has produced many success stories over the years and below is a small sample of the many positive testimonials that were sent in.

“I can’t believe the results I’m getting after just 4 months. Back in January my length was 6.9″ with a girth of 5.4″. I’ve now gone all the way to 8.7″ in length and an even 6″ in girth. My ego was flattered when last day my wife came home with a box of extra large condoms that fit like a glove. I now have better control with orgasms that are more satisfying for both of us”   Bill, Arkansas

“Only 4 months into using Sizegenetics and both my wife and I are amazed by the results. At the start I was 4.4″ in length and 4.3″ in girth while erect. This increased to 6.4″ and 5.0″ respectively over that short period. That’s an amazing gain of 2.1″ in length and 0.7″ in girth so how could I not be pleased? Besides making my penis bigger it has done wonders to my self-confidence!”   Eric, Florida

“The instruction video was detailed and made using the device very easy. I also find it more comfortable than other extenders I’ve tried and can wear it 3 to 4 daily without any problem. Noticeable results began to show after just 3 weeks and after 4 months I’ve gained around 1.8″ in length. My girlfriend has also noticed and very pleased I decided to try your product.”   Sam, California

“From the very start it felt comfortable and was easy to use. I’m able to use my Sizegenetics daily without discomfort and my results speak for themselves. My wife is totally pleased and swears that sex now feels better than it used to in the past. If a guy has any doubts they should just give it a try because it really works.”   Chester, S. Dakota


My personal conclusion is that if you’re openminded about getting the best and most comfortable penis extender currently available, the Phallosan Forte should be your first choice. Though the results you will get are comparable, it’s comfort is unparalleled and the ability to wear it discreetly under clothing and while you sleep are important factors that give it the edge in my opinion. Realize that being able to wear it at night means that most guys who do will logged in their daily usage requirement before their day even starts!

If you’re still dead set on getting a Sizegenetics extender realize that it’s an excellent choice and the best one of its kind. It comes with an unprecedented 180 day guarantee which means your purchase is completely risk free. Every purchase also comes with a variety of bonuses that include the Penis Health exercise and LoveCentria lovemaking courses, as well as various powders and lubricants to facilitate its use. Click on the button below for more information at the official Sizegenetics website.