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Testofuel is a supplement that helps men increase their testosterone levels. Maintaining adequate levels of this hormone is important because it affects many of the physical traits we associate with masculinity. Though also present in women, adult men produce around 20 times more and maintain body levels that are around 7 to 8 times greater than females.

When levels start to decrease with age, some of the traits associated with manliness slowly begin to decline. Advancing age causes a reduction in testosterone production of about 1% every year from about the time a man turns 30 and going forward. This may not seem significant but over the course of a few decades the impact is quite noticeable as men begin to feel like shells of their former selves.

The effects of aging may not be a concern for younger men but having more of testosterone can still benefit them, especially if they’re involved in athletic activities. Since it greatly impacts a man’s physical performance, those involved in competitive sports know that higher levels of male hormones will translate to better performance and an edge over the competition.

The benefits of taking Testofuel are listed below:

  • helps to build more muscle faster
  • improves overall strength
  • helps in reducing bodyfat levels
  • improves mood and motivation
  • enhances stamina and endurance
  • promotes faster recuperation
  • increases your sex drive

Men have long been aware that having more testosterone is beneficial though the options to raise levels safely haven’t always existed. Before the advent of supplement boosters like Testofuel, taking dangerous steroid drugs was the avenue of choice. Unfortunately, steroid use has been linked with a variety of very serious short and long term health consequences that make its use less than advisable.

How Does Testofuel Work?

Testofuel is a new option men have that allows them to enjoy the benefits of higher testosterone without risking their health. Contrary to steroids that introduce synthetic agents into your body, this type of supplement encourages the body to produce more on its own.

It is often claimed that simply having a well balanced diet is enough to build muscle but this isn’t true. Though proper nutrition is essential in giving the body the building blocks it needs to build more muscle, the process of synthesizing protein and converting it into muscle requires adequate hormonal balance.

When hormone levels are sub-optimal, the process becomes less efficient which translates to greater difficulty in building muscle. So yes, proper nutrition is important, but without a good supplement like Testofuel to maintain sufficient hormone levels, the entire cycle that converts protein into muscle will be compromised.

Testofuel Ingredients

Testofuel outperforms other supplements in its category because it contains the right ingredients blended in the right proportions. Furthermore, the most important active ingredients are offered in doses that are higher than any other comparable product on the market. Below is a list of ingredients found in Testofuel.

  • D-Aspartic Acid: plays a key role in the production of sex hormones and sperm cells. Clinical tests concluded that it could increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone production by 45.5% and 46% respectively in just 13 days. Animal studies also showed that DAA had the ability to raise human growth hormone levels, yet another Testofuel advantage.
  • Vitamin D: an essential vitamin that supports the production of hormones. Skin exposure to sunlight is needed since the chemical reaction that creates it requires ultraviolet light. A European study of over 3,000 men between the ages of 40 and 79 showed that a deficiency in vitamin D corresponded with diminished levels of free testosterone. Vitamin D receptors in the pituitary glands and hypothalamus produce hormones that affect sexual health and your metabolism.
  • Oyster Extract: it contains 10 times more zinc than beef, a mineral that is essential to sexual function. Zinc deficiencies can decrease levels of testosterone, lower your sperm count, and increase the estrogen hormone by 57%. Beyond the zinc it contains oyster extract also has 59 other trace elements that are essential to good health. A lack of zinc can cause hormonal imbalances that make it easier to gain weight while making harder to retain muscle.
  • Ginseng: it stimulates cell growth while boosting sex hormone and male hormone production. Gensing also raises ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) and adreanline levels within your body. It is believed that lower levels of these two hormones may be the cause of low-T levels.
  • Fenugreek: a spice and herb that is a common ingredient in curries. Researchers from the University in Queensland in conjunction with colleagues from ASN (Applied Science and Nutrition) performed a double-blind study to test its merits. As a daily supplement it was shown that this herb enhances the male sex drive while also encouraging the creation of sex hormones.
  • Magnesium: this mineral is another nutrient that is essential and required by over 300 enzymes required for various bodily processes that include nerve and muscle relaxation. Its deficiency can cause calcium to over-stimulate nerves and make muscles over-contract, which may lead to muscle soreness, fatigue and cramps. Magnesium is also required to metabolize carbs, proteins and fats while muscle cells need it to store different fuels. A medical journal article also points out that men with higher blood levels of magnesium also seemed to also more testosterone.
  • Vitamin B6: as one of the vitamins belonging to the B complex, it is responsible for many body functions as well as regulating testosterone production. It does so by stimulating androgen steroid receptors that encourage the testes to create testosterone. It also suppresses the reliance on estrogen which accentuates the amount of testosterone your body produces.
  • Vitamin K2: may not be well known but nonetheless crucial with the affinity for sustaining plasma and hormone levels. It also discourages the calcification of soft tissues and arteries. The 2 versions of theis vitamin are K1 and K2. Since K2 is more efficiently utilized by the body, this is the form that is found in the Testofuel formulation.
  • Zinc: this mineral is absolutely essential for the production of testosterone. Taken as a supplement it was successful at boosting low-T levels in just 6 weeks and protects men from exercise induced hormone loss. Research found that restricting the amount of zinc in the body significantly diminished the presence of testosterone.


All the boasts about product’s performance aren’t worth much if they aren’t backed up with concrete results. Nothing speaks louder than the words and pics from actual users like those found below.

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If your goal is to improve physical performance and pack on more muscle, or slow down the aging process, then this supplement is one your should consider. Maintaining adequate levels of testosterone without drugs helps men improve their quality of life without sacrificing their health.

The benefits you experience from taking this hormone boosting supplement will take up to 2 months to reach their full potential. However, it won’t take that long to start noticing a difference which happens in as little as a few days for some people though a few weeks is more typical.

If you’re still not convinced you should know that Testofuel comes with 90 day moneyback guarantee. This eliminates any risk on your part so you can try it with complete peace of mind. To get more information at the official Testofuel website, please click on the button below.